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Electromagnetic Radiation Protection


If a person lives to be 100 years old these days, it makes the news. However, the human physiology is designed for a lifespan of 100,000 years in Sat-yuga. So why is it that we do not live much, much longer than a measly 100 years?

In the Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible there are accounts of people living for hundreds of years. Methuselah is mentioned in Genesis as the son of Enoch and the father of Lamech (father of Noah), whom he fathered at the age of 187. According to the Bible, he reached the age of 969 years. Genesis 5:27 states, "And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died" (American Standard Version). Genesis 5:5 states, "So all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years, and he died." 

Modern science puts the natural limit on current human longevity below 130 years. The limit is similar to the limit in Biblical reference in Genesis 6:3, where God placed a limit of 120 years on man's lifespan. This corresponds with transition into Kali-yuga that occured at the end of the Mahabharata when Krishna ascended (about 5,000 years ago). Krishna's ascension marks the end of Dvapara-yuga where the typical lifespan was 1,000 years.

During Kali-yuga there are many influences that degrade the lifespan or contribute to a lower quality of life. Chief among these is man-made electromagnetic radiation from AC power transmission lines, microwave towers, cell phones and the vast array of radio waves that bombard us 24 hours a day. Protection from these influences is actually very easy to achieve and a wonderful increase in vitality and health will quickly result.

Protection from electromagnetic radiation is a priority for all who endeavor to achieve and live Brahman Consciousness. A strong, radiant and healthy physiology is a great asset to the enjoyment of physical life and a necessary platform for enjoying the full bliss of Brahman Consciousness. To achieve such a physiology it is imperative that one spend some hours a day in an environment that is protected from electromagnetic radiation. These hours in a protected environment are invaluable for the physiology to gain the strength to defend itself against the electromagnetic radiation that it is exposed to for the rest the day.

An excellent shield can be constructed from a stretchy silver coated sheer nylon fabric that may be purchased online. This cloth forms a Faraday shield when it is properly grounded. A Faraday shield is an enclosure formed by conducting material, or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks out external static electrical fields and to a large degree will also shield the interior from external electromagnetic radiation. Faraday shields or cages are named after physicist Michael Faraday, who invented the concept and built the first one in 1836.

When draped over your bed and grounded, this cloth forms a good shield from electromagnetic raditation during the several hours at night when you are sleeping. This combination of shielding and rest provide the body with a good chance to recover and heal.

To ground the cloth and complete the Faraday shield,  you can put a sheet of heavier metalic fabric (called EX-STATIC™ also available online) under your cotton sheet and tuck the silver coated nylon fabric under it. Be sure to purchase a grounding cord.

There is actually much more that you can do to enhance your body's ability to heal itself during the several hours you spend in bed every night. We recommend constructing an AmritNitya Prana Healing Chamber. Prana may be accumulated from the environment and concentrated around your body at night by an AmritNitya Prana Healing Chamber that you can build for yourself.  

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