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Brahman Consciousness Meditation Virtual Vitara


Inspired by the Yoga Vasishta and years of creating Vedic Vitaras to improve all areas of your life and empower you to rise to higher Levels of Consciousness, we have created the Brahman Consciousness Meditation Vitara that will produce the following benefits in your life:

  1. Balance the karmic traces that currently inhibit you from using your subtle vision - you will gain the ability to see the physical world well with your physical eyes closed, and you will be able to see the celestial worlds as well. This is accomplished by the programmed silent subliminal samyama on the sutra "pratibha darshasa" and this samyama is repeated throughout this meditation.
  2. Balance the karmic traces that currently inhibit you from experiencing that you are the Creator of this Universe - Brahman Consciousness. This is accomplished by an audible guided meditation and samyama on the sutra "aham brahmasmi" plus the Brahma Sutras are present throughout the meditation as silent subliminals.

To accomplish these two objectives, you must only perform this meditation once or twice a day (more times is even better - you will make faster progress). Each time you perform this meditation, many karmic traces will be balanced. Your subtle vision will spontaneously improve and over time the experience of Brahman Consciousness will dawn in your life.

To enhance the effectiveness of this meditation you can wear the Perfect Vision Vitara during the meditation. This Vitara will help to restore your physical vision to perfect 20/20 and block out all physical light, which will make it easier for you to see with your subtle senses.

You can also wear the Nirvana Vitara during the meditation for an even greater enhancement. If you wear the Nirvana Vitara your brain will spontaneously create new brain cells (neurogenesis) and these new brain cells will be established as 100% capable Sat Yuga brain cells (capable of supporting an IQ of 100,000).

When performing this meditation, sit before your computer display with your eyes closed. You may wear headphones for beter clarity of the silent subliminals. it is very important that you engage in the process, do not just listen passively. When the speaker says something, you must repeat it exactly in your mind.

Brahman Consciousness Meditation Virtual Vitara

For best results, please download this meditation to your computer so
you can play it locally:

Right click and select Save As

If your computer can play .WMV videos (all Windows computers can) there is
a higher quality (very big file) WMV version here:
Right click and select Save As

We introduced this meditation to our Graduate Students in the Krishna Consciousness Doctor of Divinity Course. Here are some of their experiences:

Experiences of the Brahman Consciousness Virtual Vitara

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