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Goloka Sanctuary Community
Application for Registration or Pre-Enrollment

You may complete the application for yourself only. If family members also want to apply, an application must be completed for each person age 18 or over. Children age 17 or younger will attend with one or both parents. If you have such children, please provide their names and ages.

Everyone is welcome to apply, but there are some minimum requirements for each resident:

  1. Please read the book Returning to Goloka by Visvamitra. Here is this book online:
  2. You must be in alignment with the aims of the Goloka Sanctuary Community, which is a spiritual community where everyone is interested in achieving Moksha and God Realization. Everyone in the community practices Atmavedi Meditation or Transcendental Meditation.
  3. Every adult will participate in the management, security or maintanence of the community for about 2 hours a day. You must be a team player and willing to devote some of your time in service to the community.
  4. Parents will care for their own children and children of school age (6-18) may be enrolled in the MahaVideha School at no cost. Disabled children (autistic, downs) are welcome but parents are totally responsible for their care. If the child requires 24x7 care then parents must provide additional residents as needed for those who will devote their time exclusively to the care of the child.
  5. The community food is ovo-lacto-vegetarian but tends toward fruit and raw vegetables and ultimately the Pranic Energy Lifestyle is encouraged. Community Members prepare their own food in their own kitchens with all fresh foods and other ingredients supplied by the community.

The community is self-sufficient and sustained by the activities of the residents. We grow our own food, have our own energy through solar panels and other means, make our own clothes and whatever is necessary for a comfortable life within the community. We spend most of our time in the pursuit of higher states of consciousness.

The costs of joining the community will be discussed with during the approval interview. There are various programs for you to earn your way into the community. Specifics on the cost and what you can contribute will be discussed on a personal basis and a plan will be devised so that everyone who wants to join will be able to do so, regardless of their financial situation.

So today, do not worry about the cost. Apply and reserve your place. Then we will all work together to raise the funds necessary for you and everyone who wants to join to come into the community.

There is an Application Deposit of $497 required for each application. The full amount of this Deposit will be refunded to you if you decide not to proceed with joining a community, or if we do not approve your application. If you decide to join and we approve your application, this Deposit will be credited toward your Invincibility Shield Vitara.

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* Meditation Experience What experience do you have with meditation? Do you practice Transcendental Meditation or Atmavedi Meditation? When did you start meditating? Are you regular in your daily practice?
Current Medical Conditions, Comments or Questions
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* Educational Background
* Administrator Would you be interested in being an Administrator for a Goloka Sanctuary Community?
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* Ekam Vitara Network Are you a member of the Ekam Vitara Network?
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* Maha Yajña Vitara Do you have a Maha Yajña Vitara?
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* Dasha Bhukti Vitara Do you have a Dasha Bhukti Vitara?
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* God Vitara Do you have a God Vitara?
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* Referred By Please enter the name of the person who referred you
Children Enter the names and ages of all children under age 18
* Adult Family Members (enter the names of other adult family members who are also applying to join the community)
* Desired Community (enter the location of your desired community)

IMPORTANT: Goloka, The Goloka Project, Mahavideha University, Sri Vyuha Association and Visvamitra do not give medical advice or treatment and we are not a health care provider. It is important to realize that the information that appears on the websites is not meant as replacement for proper care from a doctor, therapist, nutritionist, etc. You must be 18 years old to register.

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Preface Third Edition

We are now in the Third Edition of this book and this is because of the nature of this illusory Universe. Our Universe is literally a dream in the mind of the Creator, so we should not be surprised that this dream is not that stable, like any dream, it is constantly changing. The dream changes from the perspective of the Creator and it c ... continue >>

Chapter 1.
The Cycles of Time

There are various accounts of the age and origin of our universe from ancient scriptures and scientific theories. I have studied many of them, including Creationism from the Christian Tradition, Creationism from the Vedic Tradition, Catastrophism, and Darwinism, and also researched this topic in consciousness using the tec ... continue >>

Chapter 2.
Our Universe is a Hologram

We need a better understanding of the nature of this “relative” universe that we live in, so we can come out of the matrix of illusion and see the world for what it is. To us, the universe and our lives may seem real, solid and definitely not an illusion. This is because we are embedded in the illusion. The magic show is all ... continue >>

Chapter 3.

Religions often refer to God's Judgment and how He metes out punishment for sins and transgressions against Him. This is a somewhat irrational way to explain karma. For one thing, God never punishes - He loves and accepts everyone. Contrary to most religions, God is not jealous, or wrathful, and is not seeking vengeance. These c ... continue >>

Chapter 4.
The Great Global Deception

Humanity has been under what has been called “the great global deception” for the last 500 years. We have been told that the earth is a spinning globe in a vast, limitless space and human life is an extremely insignificant part of this universe. However, we know from our daily experience, simple experime ... continue >>

Chapter 5.
Balancing of Karma

Taking a Vedic perspective and if the Ekam Vitara Network is not successful, we believe the pralaya will come and will be an ELE caused by the karma balancing effects from Surya, Rahu and Ketu. Together these Grahalokas administer the karma of accidents, sudden ... continue >>

Chapter 6.
Exit the Illusion Matrix

PsyopsBy now, in the depths of Kali yuga, almost everyone is trapped in this illusion matrix consisting of the scientifically engineered ... continue >>

Chapter 7.
Surviving and Thriving

We are not interested in just surviving the effects of the pralaya. No, we want to thrive during this period and use this time wisely to develop spiritually and physically for the joys awaiting us in the Krishna Golden Age. If the Ekam Vitara Network is successful at eliminating the need for a pralaya alt ... continue >>

Chapter 8.
Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme

First, some background on this revolutionary program to transform an aging, limited Kali yuga physiology into a vibrantly healthy, youthful Satya yuga physiology. Granted, this may seem fantastic to some, but almost everything in this book is fantastic: from the realization that the world is not at al ... continue >>



There is one objective for human life - Moksha. That is the only worthwhile endeavor because Moksha brings freedom, freedom from struggle, freedom fro ... continue >>

About Visvamitra

Visvamitra is the name given to me by Guru Dev when he accepted responsibility for my evolution and existence in September 1994. It is common for the Guru to give the new disciple a name as an ideal to become. Since Guru Dev desires that I become Visvamitra, which means "friend to everyone", I whol ... continue >>

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