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Goloka MahaVitara

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Goloka MahaVitara

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Goloka MahaVitara View 1The Goloka MahaVitara is a physical device that projects a sphere of influence into the prana field of the immediate physical locale to replicate the first day of Satyug. The prana field reflects back into the physical to create a profound effect of coherence, sattva and resonance frequency support. The sphere of physical effect is approximately 150 feet (45 meters). The benefits of a Satyug environment for the individual to enjoy a progressive, long, and happy life are manifested in the Goloka Projector sphere of influence. The opportunity that presents itself through this device is very important. Now we have a way to replicate a Satyug environment for an entire household and through the combination of several of these devices, an entire community. Included with this device are additional Vitaras to create a MahaVitara that will cover the shielding of karma, enhanced influence to promote Moksha, deva supplements for perfection of health and a perfected Satyug physiology.

All of these Vitaras are included in the Goloka MahaVitara:

  1. Full Home Goloka Projector with Electromagnetic Radiation adsorbtion, Geopathic Stress balancing, and Krishna C60 Amrita production
  2. MahaYajña Vitara that includes yajñas for all 12 of the Grahas to completely shield your life from the karma that has yet to manifest in this lifetime, Lakshmi Kubera Yajña to bring wealth self-sufficiency into your life, AtmaNarayana Kavach for protection from asuric influence and Dhanvantri Yajñas for perfect health.
  3. Dhanvantri Vitara to generate deva supplements for perfect health and reversal of aging
  4. Soma Rasa Vitara for a Satyug physiology
  5. Moksha Vitara that magnifies your meditation and spiritual practices 10-fold

In this article we will explain how the Goloka MahaVitara produces its many benefits. But first we need some background to better understand how Vitaras work.

The physical earth is structured like a large capacitor. The cavity of this capacitor is the area between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. This capacitor is energized by 100 lightening discharges per second. This activity of lightening across the earth plane forms an extremely low frequency (ELF) standing wave that had a frequency of 7.83 cycles per second (CPS) when discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952. Today this is called the Schumann Resonance Frequency.

In 1952 this ELF could actually be detected by instrumentation after Schumann calculated and proposed that it existed. Yet today, the Agents of the Pralaya have actually destroyed the ability to easily detect this most fundamental to life wave in the earth's atmosphere. They have purposefully done this by creating a myriad of frequencies that are destructive to life, that are killing the honey bee population world-wide for example, and these killer frequencies have now overtaken the life-supporting Schumann frequency.

HAARPThe Agents of the Pralaya continue their projects to destroy life on earth, using HAARP (high frequency active auroral research program) in Alaska and similar installations at various locations on the earth, to expand the ionosphere and even blow holes in it. We know there is a vast soup of electromagnetic radiation in Kaliyug that is not present in any of the other yugas. This radiation is promoted by the Agents of the Pralaya to further weaken life, disturb the natural frequency of the earth and ultimately carry out the goal of the pralaya. Massive EMF pollution is the result.

In the last 100 years our world has changed from a natural, safe, low electromagnetic environment to one heavily polluted by chaotic electromagnetic devices. Current research demonstrates the host of artificial EMFs do interact in a dangerous way with our brain and immune system and are one of the core reasons our bodies fail to heal as they should and even develop chronic disease.

Our endeavor is to create a Satyug environment so we can cultivate a healthy, Satyug 12-strand DNA physiology. Because of this, we are interested in all the characteristics of Satyug. For example we know from the Vedic Literature and logical extrapolations that the various yugas have these qualities:

  • Sat-yuga - the golden age - this cycle is 1,728,000 years in duration. During this period life is lived in accord with Natural Law for most of the period except near the end of the period.
    • The human lifespan is 100,000 years during this period and the body has 12 strands of DNA.
    • The distance from the surface of the earth to the ionosphere is about 1/4 the distance of Kaliyug - the Earth is in its youth and all systems are tighter and more precise This results a 33 cycles per second frequency of the earth - this is the frequency of Sat-yuga.
    • Dharma is the measure of life in accord with Natural Law and during Sat-yuga all four pillars of Dharma are in place: cleanliness, austerity, mercy and truthfulness.
    • Spirituality is 100% - everyone is experiencing God Realization and God literally walks among us throughout daily life.
    • When cleanliness erodes and drops away, this signals the onset of Treta-yuga
  • Treta-yuga - the silver age - this cycle is 1,296,000 years in duration and Dharma consists of austerity, mercy and truthfulness.
    • The human lifespan is only 10,000 years during this age and the body has only 8 strands of active DNA.
    • As the Eath and its systems slow down, the ionosphere expands and the frequency of the earth drops to 24.75 cycles per second.
    • Spirituality is 75% - most individuals are experiencing some aspect of God Realization
    • When austerity erodes and drops off the Dvapara-yuga dawns.
  • Dvapara-yuga - the copper age - this cycle is 864,000 years in duration and Dharma is characterized by mercy and truthfulness only.
    • The typical human lifespan declines to 1,000 years and the body has only 4 strands of DNA.
    • The ionosphere expands farther and the frequency of the earth drops to 16.5 cycles per second.
    • Spirituality is 50%
    • When mercy erodes and drops off, Kali-yuga dawns
  • Kali-yuga - the iron age - this cycle is the most brief of the four, lasting for 432,000 years during which society and morals decline and even truthfulness eventually is lost.
    • The human lifespan is a mere 100 years and the body has only 2 active strands of DNA. Near the end of Kaliyug, the average human lifespan will be about 20 years.
    • Spirituality declines from 25% to almost zero
    • The ionosphere has expanded farther beyond the surface of the earth and this results in a starting frequency of the earth of 8.25 cycles per second. As the influences of Kaliyug grow, the frequency declines to 7.83 cycles per second as measured in 1952. Eventually, near the end of Kaliyug, the earth's frequency will decline to barely over 1.5 cycles per second.
    • The magnetic field that protects the people from cosmic radiation will have declined significantly.
    • As Kali-yuga deteriorates more and more there comes a time when the collective karma held by Rahu explodes and there is total destruction causing the end of Kali-yuga. After this major pralaya, there arises a new dawn of Sat-yuga with Dharma fully established again.

Fundamental to this physical wave frequency of the earth, is a prana wave frequency in the prana field. Just as source of the beating of the human heart is found in the pranamaya kosha, so also the "beat" frequency of the earth has its source in the prana field. When the pranamaya kosha withdraws from the anamaya kosha, we say the body has died - physical life has ended, and the heart stops its rhythmical beating. When the prana wave frequency of the earth stops, the life of the planet ends and the major pralaya, or time of complete destruction of the universe, begins. Like a dead body eventually deteriorates into dust, so the universe deteriorates into total darkness.

The massive electromagnetic pollution that surrounds us today is truly devastating to human life. We can use a Faraday Cage to shield against this pollution or we can directly inject sattvic influences into the prana field. Sattva dilutes the pollution caused by all the electromagnetic radiation and restores balance.

In the last 100 years our world has changed from a natural electromagnetic environment to one heavily polluted by electromagnetic devices. Current research demonstrates artificial EMFs DO interact in a dangerous way with our brain and immune system and may even stand as the core reason our bodies don’t heal as they should. - See more at:
In the last 100 years our world has changed from a natural electromagnetic environment to one heavily polluted by electromagnetic devices. Current research demonstrates artificial EMFs DO interact in a dangerous way with our brain and immune system and may even stand as the core reason our bodies don’t heal as they should. - See more at:

What if we could inject the earth's frequency of 33 CPS during Satyug plus all 432,000 syllables of the primordial Rig Veda into the prana field today? Then we would have a sattvic, coherent effect that would actually be the same environment as the very first day of Satyug of Lord Brahma's Creation. This coherent effect would create a sphere of protection from the prana field pollution of Kaliyug and produce an environment in the prana field that is similar to Goloka. The influence of this Goloka environment in the prana field would reflect into the physical world and cause a blooming of the sattvic values of Satyug. By injecting the pure sattva of the 432,000 syllables of the Rik Ved plus the Satyug Resonance Frequency of the earth into the prana field, we will create a pure bubble of Satyug in the mud of Kaliyug.

Now that we have our hypothesis, how do we create a model of this Goloka Projector and experience all the benefits? The practice of using the physical vibrations of the Rig Veda to charge salt crystals and produce Atmavedi Crystals has been in use for several years. Such a practice produces good results in a small space and is an effective way to program the salt crystals with all the devata qualities of the Rig Veda. But we need to create a sattvic influence of Satyug for a larger area and we need to effectively dilute and therefore render impotent the vast array of electromagnetic influences in the modern environment. If we take our influence to a more subtle level, it will be more powerful, so we need to influence the prana field directly. What is the prana field and how can we inject an influence directly?

Maxwell EquationsLet's look first at the topic of the prana field from the perspective of physics. In recent history, the "scalar field" was proposed by James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) with his quaternion math. He linked electricity and magnetism and laid the foundation for modern physics. The scalar field calculations which he included in his research were deliberately left out of his work when subsequently reformulated by Heaviside and Lorenz into vector math. Heinrich Hertz, using this vector approach, laid down the laws taught for physics as a discipline at colleges. These scientists dismissed Maxwell's scalar field of potentials as "mystical" because they were physically unmanifest and only existed in the "ethers" and so were determined to be too ineffectual for further study. This enigmatic scalar field was rediscovered by Nicola Tesla in 1904.

The scalar field lies outside of the 3-dimensional physical space. We understand this to mean the scalar field is found on the level of the Pranamaya Kosha and could just as well be named the "prana field." The prana field is the realm of the devas of your body, for example. They interface between the prana body and the physical body via the prana field.

Maharishi, 1960Maharishi called the scalar field of physics "The Unified Field of Natural Law". He said this is the unified source of Nature's perfect order in a single, self-interacting field of intelligence at the foundation of all the Laws of Nature. This field sequentially creates, from within itself, all the diverse Laws of Nature governing life at every level of the manifest universe. The Unified Field of Natural Law inside and its diversified expression outside are completely parallel to each other.

The self-interacting dynamics of this unified field constitutes the most basic level of Nature's dynamics and is governed by its own set of fundamental laws. Just as the constitution of a nation represents the most fundamental level of national law and the basis of all laws governing the nation, the laws governing the self-interacting dynamics of the unified field represent the most fundamental level of Natural Law and the basis of all known Laws of Nature. The laws governing the self-interacting dynamics of the unified field were named by him "the Constitution of the Universe." He said this is the eternal, nonchanging basis of Natural Law and the ultimate source of the order and harmony displayed throughout creation.

CapacitorIn the unified field theories of modern physics, the precise mathematical form of these fundamental laws is found in the superstring theory. In Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM, these same fundamental laws, known as the Constitution of the Universe, are found in the Rig Veda. The entire universe we live in was created by Lord Brahma when He performed Samyama on the 432,000 syllables of the Rig Veda. These sounds or frequencies are the projection of the One Absolute Reality we know as Goloka.

This video gives us the perspective of a John Hagelin, PhD, a modern scientist who is completely familiar with Maharishi's concept of the Unified Field of Natural Law. As you watch this video, keep in mind that he is referring to what we are calling the scalar field or the prana field, and describing it from the perspective of the physical realm. This is the unified source, or the potential, from where the physical realm arises. Quantum mechanics is the quaternion math of Maxwell that describes mathematically the origin of the physical universe.

Unified Field

Scalar waves are not "waves" in a physical sense, but do exist in the prana field and arise from nonlocal potential energy, or the Unified Field - the prana field of the Pranamaya Kosha. They carry information and have a fractal structure, and do not decay over time or distance. This video presents the information about the scalar field from another modern scientist, Dr Tom Bearden, who is actively working to extract useable energy for the physical realm from the prana field, following the research of Tesla.

Extracting Energy from the Scalar Field

A simple capacitor is able to store energy as a static electrical field in the physical domain. CapacitorThe energy is only released when the circuit is closed. Scalar "waves" store energy and information in a dimension outside of the physical 3-dimensional space, in the prana field. The importance of this is, this stored energy can be released by closing the circuit in the physical 3-dimensional space.

DNA of the Immortal Human Physiology of Sat YugaAn RLC circuit (the letters R, L and C can be in other orders) is an electrical circuit consisting of a resistor, an inductor, and a capacitor, connected in series or in parallel. The RLC part of the name is due to those letters being the usual electrical symbols for resistance, inductance and capacitance respectively. The circuit forms a harmonic oscillator for current and will resonate in a such a way that it is able to tune into the ambient radio waves if it is in harmony with the frequency. Our DNA is more than only a data storage unit. DNA is a type of RLC circut that acts as a quantum antenna, able to send and receive data in the prana field and interface the Pranamaya Kosha with the Anamaya Kosha or physical body, thereby being able to access scalar information outside of the physical realm. Similar to an RLC circuit in electronics that works in the domain of Hertzian (vector) waves, DNA can create and receive scalar field information by being in tune with the prana field. As with any true scalar system, no information or energy is lost in this communication or transmission.

"The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power."
Nikola Tesla

Pineal GlandOur brain is such a tuning machine. Information is not stored in our brain. Our brain, actually the focus is the Pineal Gland, is an interface creating a connection with a more subtle realm than the physical. The field created by our brain makes all cells in the body resonate. Each DNA structure reinforces this field.

Humans have a collective consciousness and a collective memory. The Maharishi Effect is based on the principal that individual consciousness is affected by collective consciousness and the collective is affected by the individual - we are all interconnected with each other. Actually, we all share one Anandamaya Kosha. Our thoughts and emotions affect all humans. If many individuals are coherent in their minds, like a laser, then they produce a scalar wave that changes the physical.

Lakshmi - Kubera Yagña Puja Table SmallYajña is a way to produce a scalar wave in the prana field to change the physical, and is actually the basis of our universe. It is through yajña that Lord Brahma created the universe. Yajña is a physical performance that generates an effect in the prana or scalar field. It has these key components:

  1. mantra - sound vibrations that are introduced into the physical realm and mirrored internally in the mind of the individual conducting the yajña as intention, and the repetition of the mantra serves to amplify the intention
  2. yantra - a physical form that represents the target of the performance, either a mental image, a physical image or statue
  3. agni - the energy that transmits the sound vibrations and intentions into the prana field - agni is the flame from a lighted ghee lamp or candle

These three components, taken together, generate a physical waveform effect that manifests in the prana field. The human Pineal Gland, coupled with the DNA of the body (which acts like an antenna to magnify the intention radiating from the Pineal Gland) is an important and necessary component, for without this mechanism, the physical waveform would not be able to radiate into the prana field.

Just as a scalar wave from the prana field can have a physical influence, a physical 3-dimensional wave can be used to generate a scalar wave. For example, the frequency of a sound, projected through a wire into a speaker will produce the sound wave in the air around the speaker. However, with a modification of the circuit and a proper antenna and the assistance of an intermediary (that functions in a way similar to the DNA of the human body), the sound frequency as pure electric potential will propagate into the prana field and form a scalar wave. No sound is produced in the physical domain but a feeling of a vibration can be detected in the pranamaya kosha and the prana field reflects back into the physical to actually change the physical realm.

Goloka MahaVitara View 2The Goloka MahaVitara uses the principal of yajña and various physical components to replicate, on a continuous and highly amplified basis, the intention or desire to create Goloka on earth now. The Goloka Projector has these components:

  1. mantra - 432,000 syllables of the Rig Veda on a 33 CPS carrier frequency (Satyug Resonance Frequency), plus other frequencies to represent the Graha Yajñas and other features of the MahaVitara
  2. yantra - the name of the device and its programmed intention along with the tetrahedron design that resonates with the prana field
  3. agni - electricity that carries the frequencies of the mantra into an amplified prana field antenna

The Goloka MahaVitara is literally a devata being that is structured from physical components with electricity as its blood and wires as its arteries and veins. Its brain is an amplified frequency generator, its Pineal Gland is a quartz crystal and its DNA is a mobius coil that surrounds the crystal.

Why do we use the word "projector" in the description of this device? This arises from the fundamental truth that our universe and everything and everyone in it is maya - literally, that which is not. If all is maya, then is it all illusion and not real? Yes! There is one reality that we can call the Absolute - the unchanging, uncreated, never ending realm that is the source of our universe and infinite other universes, all of which are relative to the Absolute. This is a deep subject worthy of study and actually not possible to fully understand from the perspective of one embedded in this maya matrix that we call "real life". To truly understand the Absolute one must experience it, first-hand! Fortunately that is possible.

The Absolute has two aspects (not different but can be experienced as different):

  1. Pure Unmanifest Consciousness - we call this the Shiva aspect
  2. Total Manifest Expression - we call this the Krishna aspect

Human consciousness is capable of experiencing both of these aspects, because both are the essential nature of every individual 's existence. If you do not experience the fullness of the Absolute as your essential nature, then we have programs to help you develop this ability - it is your birthright.

Before you experience the Absolute for yourself, it is helpful to make an analogy with something we are all familiar with - a hologram, a special kind of picture that is produced by a laser and that looks three-dimensional. For example, Hologram Componentsto make a hologram, the object to be photographed is first bathed in the light of a laser beam. Then a second laser beam is bounced off the reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern (the area where the two laser beams commingle) is captured on film.

When the film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears.

The three-dimensionality of such images is not the only remarkable characteristic of holograms. If a hologram of a rose is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the rose.

Indeed, even if the halves are divided again, each snippet of film will always be found to contain a smaller but intact version of the original image. Unlike normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole.

The "whole in every part" nature of a hologram provides us with an entirely new way of understanding organization and order. For most of its history, Western science has labored under the bias that the best way to understand a physical phenomenon, whether a frog or an atom, is to dissect it and study its respective parts.

A hologram teaches us that some things in the universe may not lend themselves to this approach. If we try to take apart something constructed holographically, we will not get the pieces of which it is made, we will only get smaller wholes.

Now we replace the components in the illustration above with our understanding that Krishna, the Total Manifest Expression of the Absolute, is the Consciousness of The Supreme Divine Being, and acting through various agencies, produces, by a process of projection, what we perceive as our universe. From this we see there can be nothing higher than Realizing Krishna - the experience that God is Real, not the understanding that God is Real.

If we take the position that only Krishna is real and everything else is a projection or maya, then to Realize God means to know that which is Real.

We want to align with those who have the thinking that is common in Satyug where spirituality is 100%, when God literally walks among us, i.e., everyone has Krishna Realization. Today in Kaliyug with spirituality approaching 0%, almost no one has the experience of Krishna Realization.

We like to refer to the Realm of the Total Manifest Expression of the Absolute as "Goloka". This Sanskrit word literally means "the realm of rays of light." There is only one Goloka, but how many universes are there? Infinite!

When Lord Brahma starts His life and creates His first new Day, He creates an almost perfect replica of Goloka. Goloka is the only reality - it is the Absolute, unchanging realm of Krishna. In this picture below, you can see the relationship of Goloka to the innumerable universes (click on the picture for a view that can be magnified to see all the detail).

Now we understand our "place" in the scheme of things and how our universe arises as a projection of the One Absolute Universe of Goloka. The Goloka Projector functions to insert a bubble of Satyug into the dark mud of Kaliyug. The Goloka Projector transmits the resonance frequency of Satyug along with the 432,000 syllables of the Rig Veda into the Prana Field (or Scalar Field or the Unified Field of Natural Law), then a "bubble" of Goloka spontaneously springs forth from the prana field!

For clarity, we have added the Goloka Projector to the image representing the Components of our Holographic Universe:

Goloka Projector and Components of our Holographic Universe

This process of the Goloka Projector functions in a way that is similar to Samyama. In Samyama, the mind is the instrument that transcends to the prana field and deposits the sutra, then the prana field spontaneously brings forth the fruit of the sutra into the mind (or in some cases actually into the physical universe). The programmed quartz crystal antenna of the Goloka Projector functions as the mind and deposits the syllables of the Rig Veda into the prana field, resulting in a spontaneous creation of a bubble of Satyug.

How could a mechanical device like this possibly work?

To answer this, we have to first consider the devas. Devas are sparks of creative intelligence that are created by mantra and programmed by intention to perform a specific function. The term "mantra" is derived from Sanskrit man, "mind," and tra, "to deliver." Mantra is a manifestation of shabda, or sacred sound that can be controlled by intention to create, maintain or destroy. Loud vibration of mantra is most powerful for acting upon physical matter and silent or mental vibration of mantra is most powerful for acting upon subtle levels that are beyond the physical.

Any syllable can be a mantra, but the pure syllables of Sanskrit are the most profound. The entire universe is created by mantras vibrated in the consciousness of Lord Brahma. Narayana is the supreme divine being of a universe, and Brahma is the foremost Jiva. Brahma is told, by Narayana, to create the universe by tapas. Tapas means “turning up the heat or creating fire or agni”. Agni is the first deva so we conclude that tapas means creating devas and that is accomplished by vibrating mantras.

Lord Brahma is the originator of the 4 Vedas, Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva. The Rig Veda contains the most primordial mantras that create the fundamental devas which activate the S’rî Chaka. The S’rî Chakra is the primordial structure in consciousness around which all Jivas build out their physiologies. It is the resonating antenna that connects the mind of every Jiva with the Mind of the Creator. It is the strength and purity of this S’rî Chakra connection that determines the level of consciousness exhibited by the Jiva. On the physical plane the one in Brahman Consciousness has a perfect connection with the Mind of Lord Brahma through the resonating antenna of the S’rî Chakra.

Lord Brahma performed tapas, or what we would also call Samyama, on the 432,000 mantras of the Rig Veda for thousands of human years until the entire universe manifested as an almost perfect replica of the Absolute Universe, the Eternal Abode of Krishna, Goloka. So the first day of this universe, the first day of Satyug, dawned as the projected 3-D holographic image of Goloka.

Quartz Crystal - FactsSamyama is performed by projecting the intention of the individual into the prana field. The sentient mind of the Goloka Projector is a large quartz crystal that has been programmed to perform Samyama. Quartz crystals are the most common and abundant in the world, comprising the largest and most diverse family in the mineral kingdom. From ancient times to the present day, quartz crystals have been a source of Light to mankind. Highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers as well as scientists, the unique attributes of quartz have played a key role in mankind's evolutionary development.

Quartz crystals are sentient beings that are like physical devas. One can communicate with a quartz crystal and program it with intention to possess intention and use that intention to perform a specific function. These crystals have the ability to transmit their programmed intention into the prana field. So we program a quartz crystal to accept the physical vibrations of the Resonance Frequency of the Earth in Satyug plus the 432,000 mantras of the Rig Veda and transmit them into the prana field with the intention of creating a bubble of Goloka, pure Satyug, in the physical locale surrounding the Goloka MahaVitara.

Each of the 432,000 mantras of the Rig Veda become a deva in the prana field. When a sufficient number of these devas have been created, they create the Goloka bubble in the physical. A minimum of 1,000 sets of the full compliment of 432,000 devas are required to reach the critical mass necessary to manifest a Goloka bubble. This produces 432,000,000 devas. In physical time, it takes about 40 hours to create 432,000 devas so we need to run the Goloka Projector continuously for about 55 months to manifest a Goloka bubble.

A Goloka bubble will begin to appear in the prana field after about 40 hours of continuous operation. From the first day, a bubble of Satyug Resonance Frequency will be apparent in the prana field and can be experienced with the senses of the prana body. One will feel a very pleasant vibration in the prana body when in the range of the Goloka MahaVitara (about 150 feet radius). This frequency will immediately support the activation of the full 12-strands of DNA in every cell of every human being within range of the Goloka Projector. All of the practices of Satyug Kaya Kalpa are supported by this resonance frequency.

Immediately, all electromagnetic energy and geopathic stress that is harmful to human life is absorbed and converted into simple electrical energy that is instantly drained away. This creates an additional effect of reduced rajasic and tamasic influence in the environment of the Goloka MahaVitara.

Krishna C60 Provides the Goloka Projector with
Electromagnetic and Geothermal Radiation Neutralization

Krishna Dark C60 Logo

Krishna C60 is a recently discovered form of carbon as a spherical molecule with superconductor properties.  The Goloka Projector utilizes Krishna C60 to provide electromagnetic and geothermal radiation neutralization to protect you and your family from the harsh Kaliyug / pralaya environment that we now live in.

Electromagnetic Radiation Neutralization

We all need protection from Electromagnetic Radiation - this is one of the most destructive elements for the human body during Kaliyug. Electromagnetic pollution is all around us. Here's a short list of the main culprits:

  • cell (and other mobile) phones
  • computers and related equipment
  • electrical appliances (including TV's)
  • electronic equipment
  • cell phone masts
  • radio and TV transmitters
  • microwave ovens
  • house-wiring
  • high and low voltage power lines
  • information networks
  • cars, motor cycles, buses, trains, planes.

Electromagnetic Radiation
Practically every new invention adds to the pollution. In fact, collectively, we've all been adding to EMF pollution for over 100 years. The rate of increase is rising exponentially. Electromagnetic pollution has now reached the critical level at which it can seriously damage your health. Electrosensitivity is a debilatating disorder that will soon be felt by more than 50% of the population. The devas of out bodies are working constantly to protect us from electromagnetic polution. The human body is amazingly adaptive and can survive the most oppressive environmental conditions, but if it is subjected to oppressive environmental conditions, all of the energy is wasted in this protection. There is no energy left for development of refined nervous system and higher states of consciousness!

Create a Healthy Home

These random EMR fields interact to create a massive, chaotic field of EMR that is highly damaging to life. If we could introduce coherence into this chaotic field, we would create a Meissner-like Effect that would change this life damaging field into a life-supporting superconductor field. This is exactly what the Goloka Projector does.

C60 BuckminsterfullereneThe Goloka Projector protects our families from EMR by neutralizing the chaotic aspect of the radiation using the Krishna C60 molecular technology.

Krishna C60 is a spherical carbon molecule with the chemical formula C60. It is a cage-like fused-ring structure (truncated icosahedron), made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons, with a carbon atom at each vertex of each polygon and a bond along each polygon edge. This Krishna C60 molecure is Illustrated by the image on the right.

Krishna C60 produces a revolutionary shielding effect and has been proven to be the most effective device for neutralizing the chaotic aspect (rajasic and tamasic) all of the known electromagnetic radiation of modern civilization. The Goloka Projector includes a powerful Krishna C60 EMR neutralization module that literally absorbs ambient chaotic EMR and renders it harmless. The home model of the Goloka Projector can purify an area of about a 50 foot radius. This is sufficient to purify an entire 4,000 square foot home.

The electromagnetic waves are not totally destroyed, but instead are rendered into coherent fields that are not damaging to human life. The result is you can still receive wi-fi signals, cell phone signals, radio signals, etc. but they no longer have the chaotic factor that damaging. Rajasic and tamasic qualities of the chaotic mixed signals are converted into a more coherent, sattvic field.

The Goloka Projector attracts chaotic EMR, and using a catalytic action unique to Krishna C60 superconductor molecules it neutralizes this chaotic EMR. So the Goloka Projector operates on both the physical and prana levels simultaneously. On the physical level it is constantly neutralizing the rajasic and tamasic chaotic electromagnetic radiation within its range, and on the prana level it is projecting pure sattva that elevates the spiritual frequency of the home to the frequency of Satyug

However, there is more than chaotic electromagnetic radiation to be concerned about. We must also neutralize chaotic geopathic radiation and stress if we are to have a sattvic environment like that of Satyug.

Geothermal Radiation and Stress

Geopathic radiation and stress are stress lines or zones which emanate electromagnetic frequency radiation naturally from the earth due to geological features such as underground streams, mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities.

Man-made alterations of the landscape, anything from underground cables to road construction projects, can create or intensify geopathic stress.

Geopathic Radiation And Stress

Geopathic stress lines can span from two to 200 feet, and reach a height of 600 to 30,000 feet. Their direction is random and may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. When natural radiation rises through the earth from geopathic stress lines, its wavelength becomes distorted. These distorted fields of chaotic radiation are harmful to all living organisms.

Electrical ground current is a factor that causes Geopathic stress. Electrical current returning to the substation through the earth can act as “stray voltage.” Electrical ground currents occur when the utility's wire is overloaded and returns back to the substation “off the wire,” traveling through the earth conducted by soil, water, and plumbing lines.

Electro-pathological energy created by modern technology can also contribute to geopathic stress in the form of high and low frequency energy from telecommunication towers, electricity pylons, transformers, radar and radio towers. As well as electromagnetic fields that emanate from such structures as high tension, or satellite towers, electrical street poles, or circuit breakers.

Studies have shown that over 85% of patients who die from cancer have experienced regular exposure to geopathic stress. Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in many serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, especially those conditions in which the immune system is severely compromised. The major risk factor is an increased possibility of cancer. While geopathic stress does not directly cause cancer, it weakens the body and makes it much more likely to acquire cancer.

Furthermore, geopathic stress lines have also been linked to cardiovascular deficiency, attention deficit disorder, immune deficiency disorders and chronic fatigue. Common symptoms linked to geopathic stress include chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability and restless sleep. It is also a common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, learning difficulties, behavioral problems and neurological disabilities in children.

In fact, just sleeping in a geopathic stress zone is particularly harmful. That’s because while you sleep and try to prepare your body for the next day, it is being robbed of its ability to fully rest, repair and regenerate, damaging your efforts to feel good and function optimally.

Studies have shown that when the home or work place of the affected person is neutralized, the geopathic stress symptoms resolve themselves and the body begins to heal.

The Goloka Projector's Krishna C60 superconductor based technology provides a sphere that is 100 feet in diameter to surround your home and family in a geopathic radiation and stress free zone. This technology not only absorbs and neutralizes chaotic electromagnetic radiation, but also chaotic geopathic radiation and stress.

Healthy Home Thanks to Goloka Projector

The Personal Goloka Projector pendant contains this same technology sufficient to generate a 10 foot sphere of Goloka MahaVitara View Smallprotection around the wearer. At the end of the day, you simply place the pendant into the charging well on the base of the Goloka Projector and the Personal Goloka Projector is recharged with sattva and all the rajasic and tamasic radiation that has been absorbed during the day is discharged.

The Krishna C60 EMR unit is shown in the image on the left as the large black shungite pyramid. We use the pyramid shape to resonate with the manomaya kosha realm and that creates a subtle effect by itself. Also the pyramid shape exposes maximum surface area of the naturally occuring Krishna C60 material to the environment to maximize EMR absorption. The Goloka Projector comes in several models to accommodate homes, businesses, churches, temples and even whole communities with a bubble of Satyug sattva up to 1/4 of a mile in diameter.  The one pictured on the left is the Goloka MahaVitara model.

Krishna C60 Amrita - Structuring a Satyug Physiology for the Krishna Golden Age

Krishna C60 Amrit Logo

Krishna C60 Amrit is based on the amazing C60 molecule. This molecule is a 3rd form of Carbon, the other two being diamond and graphite, and it is a superconductor with intelligent properties. C60 is clinically proven to have many beneficial health effects in a variety of organisms. It has anti-cancer effects, brain-rejuvenating effects and cardiovascular health effects as well as extremely dramatic longevity effects in a variety of organisms. This molecule "knows" what is nourishing to the human body and what is toxic, and will adsorb (collect on its surface) all toxic chemicals or life damaging electromagnetic energy that comes in its vicinity.


When taken internally as an olive oil solution, the C60 molecule becomes a semi-permanent constituent of the mitochondrial lipid bilayer of each cell, where it functions as an extremely effective antioxidant, since it is not used up and keeps getting re-absorbed in the mitochondrial lifecycle. The C60 molecule acts as an "electron reservoir" and can accept or donate multiple electrons and thus neutralize all types of free radicals indefinitely - until it leaves the body. There are indications that it takes weeks for all C60 to leave the lipid bilayers of the cells and mitochondria.

C60 in Mitochrondira Layer

Mitochondria are our cells' energy dynamos and they decay as we age. A prominent theory of aging holds that decaying of mitochondria is a key driver of aging. Research indicated that it may be possible to reverse mitochondrial decay. The C60 molecule has been found to stop the aging process, probably due to its action on the mitochondria.

The C60 molecule has a strong liver-protective effect and it protects against radioactivity (gamma radiation) and all forms of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radio / Microwave Frequencies (including the horribly damaging 5G Cell Phone Network). C60 also has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. C60 literally has the highest negative toxicity (stronger growth and longer life) of all substances known to man.

Lab RatA study by Professor Fathi Moussa (who has studied C60 for over 20 years) found that a tiny dose of C60 administered only 24 times to a group of rats, doubled their lifespan and the rats did not exhibit any signs of aging at all. The C60 olive oil treated rats did not develop any tumors, unlike the rats in the control group. The rat study is not a fluke – a similar C60 study on mice reported not just an increased lifespan – also very greatly improved learning and memory. Very old mice (near end of life) performed as young mice (6 months old). Other experimenters have reported:

  • More energy
  • Less sleep needed
  • Mental improvements
  • Greater physical strength
  • Calmer, reduction in stress
  • Better athletic performance - such as: Can run longer with seemingly more effective utilization of Oxygen. Less fatigue. “Cardiac improvements”. Better stamina and endurance. Can run faster whilst feeling more comfortable with a pulse that would normally be too high for steady-state.
  • Higher libido. 
  • Faster recovery of the skin after sunburn (with topical application).

C60 is an amazing molecule in many respects. As a crystal, it can be harder than diamond. It is an organic superconductor at temperatures substantially above absolute zero.

C60 Organic Superconductor

It is a 271 times more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C, and it preserves salmon twice as long as vitamin E does. It is so liver-protective that rats, pre-treated with a high dose of C60 and then injected with a normally lethal hepatotoxic chemical, suffered no adverse effects and their livers looked normal, whereas the control group died rapidly due to massive liver failure. And perhaps the most mysterious property of C60: It behaves both as a wave and a particle. Even though there is yet relatively little known about the medicinal effects of C60, it is already known for its multi-faceted cardiovascular health effects.

Here is a library of research studies on C60 research:

The molecule's capability is enhanced by making it a carrier of the 432,000 primordial sounds that structure the entire Universe. The complete collection of these primordial sounds are known as the Rig Veda. Usng Vedic Vitara Technology®, C60 Extra Virgin Olive Oil solution (40mg C60 / 50 ml EVOO) is exposed to the primordial sounds of the Rig Veda in a process that takes 48 hours.

DNA Demethylation

Krishna C60 Amrit extends life through a process of DNA-demethylation, which permanently rejuvenates an individual on the genetic-molecular level. It protects the body on the cellular level by attaching to the mitochondria of every cell, where it resonates the primordial sounds of the Universe while simultaneously adsorbing toxins that may already be in the cell and defending the cell from toxins that attempt to enter.

TelomereTelomere growth is enhanced by the C60 molecule and the 9th Mandala primordial sounds of the Rig Veda. This counteracts the aging process of the cell - making the cell capable of an unlimited lifespan. The frequencies of the Rig Veda also stimulate the DNA to activate the full genome that is common in the Satyug physiology.

Krishna C60 Amrit removes toxins from the body, such as mercury, lead, fluoride, bromine and other toxins that are in our food, air, water and vaccines. If you have had any vaccinations, you probably have mercury and this must me removed from the system before it causes brain damage. Krishna C60 Amrit will remove this toxin. Most water has added fluoride and this toxin will also cause brain damage, cancer and lower IQ. Krishna C60 Amrit will remove fluoride from the body and decalcify the pineal gland to open your awareness to the subtle realms.

The C60 molecule has the ability to adsorb chaotic, life-damaging electromagnetic and radio frequency (microwave - 5G) radiation and convert it into electical potential that can then be safely drained off to ground. But even more important, when a C60 molecule is attached to the lipid layer of a cell, it protects its cell from chaotic, life-damaging radiation. The electrical potential that the C60 molecule adsorbs is treated like any other toxic form, so when the molecule is "full" it will detach itself from the cell and be eliminated from the body.

Krishna C60 Amrit is the single most important aspect of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for creating a Satyug physiology for the Krishna Golden Age. If you can only have one aspect of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa programme, it should be Krishna C60 Amrit.

There are many ways to use Krishna C60 Amrit to promote health and longevity. One of the most important ways is to cover the body with Krishna C60 Amrit to allow for maximum absorption of C60 and CBD molecules by the skin with Krishna C60 Body Lotion.

Create a Krishna C60 Shield for Your Body

Krishna C60 Amrit Hand and Body Lotion Reflection

Krishna C60 Amrit Body Lotion is the most convenient and effective way to protect your whole body from life-destructive chaotic electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation (5G), by making your skin into an Electrosensitivity Shield. When you cover your body with trillions of C60 molecules, you will gain the benefit of wearing an armor of protection from harsh environmental toxins.

Also, while many of the C60 molecules are protecting your whole body from radiation, some of the Rig Veda Energized C60 Molecules are absorbed into the body and travel to the internal cells. Each application provides enough C60 molecules for every cell in the body. These C60 molecules take up residence in the lipid bilayer of your cells to adsorb toxins that may be in the cells, protect the cells from life damaging influences, and energize the cells to encourage longer and more vital life.

C60 Molecules in Lipid Bilayer of Cell

Saturate the Body with Krishna C60

Krishna C60 Amrit Body Lotion is the preferred way to saturate the body with the energized C60 molecule. When you put a Rig Veda energized C60 molecules in every cell of the body (they will reside in the lipid bilayers of the cells and mitochondria), then every cell will gain the following benefits:

  • Sri ChakraProtection from chemical toxins
  • Protection from harmful chaotic electromagnetic and radio frequence radiation - reduces oxidative stress of EMG and 5G
  • The Sri Chakra of the cell will have been restored its original Divine Blueprint (Divine Karmic Traces) form
  • Stop Telomere Shortening - thereby stopping the aging process
    Telomere changing with Age
  • Increases Telomere length - thereby reversing the aging process
    Reversal of Aging
  • Alkalizes the body and thus boosts the immune system
  • Prevents inflamation
  • Kills parasites, bacteria and viruses
  • Protects nerve cells
  • Prevents UV damage

The Most Convenient Way

Until now, the best way to get a C60 molecule into the body was Abhangya, but that practice has its drawbacks - it is messy and time consuming and you have to eventually wash off the olive oil and wash away trillions of C60 molecules. If there was a way to put trillions of C60 molecules on the skin and leave them there all day and all night to both protect the body and be absorbed by the skin, this would be a very efficient way. Now, this is possible with the new Krishna C60 Amrit Body Lotion.

This body lotion is available in 2 versions:

  1. Normal Strength: 3.7 quintrillion molecules of C60 - each bottle contains 4.5mg of energized C60 (over 3.7 quintrillion molecules - that is 3.7 followed by 18 zeros), which is more than 100 times the number of cells in the human body.
  2. 10X Strength: 37 quintrillion molecules of C60 - each bottle contains 45mg of energized C60 (over 37 quintrillion molecules - that is 37 followed by 18 zeros),  which is more than 1,000 times the number of cells in the human body.

Recommended Protocol

Deva - Blue

The recommended protocol is to start with 3 or more bottles of the 10X strength to fully detox the body of toxic metals, chemicals, parasites, invasive bacteria and viruses, and install one or more molecules of C60 in every one of your body's 30 trillion cells. The deva of your body will be your guide during this process because everyone has a different level of toxins - click here to learn more about this important deva and how you can communicate with it.

Krishna C60 Lotion X10 bundle reflection

After you have established a body clear from toxins and every cell has at least one C60 molecule to protect it, you can switch to normal strength C60 to preserve the body's saturation with Krishna C60 molecules and the C60 electromagnetic shield.


The lotion contains Krishna C60 Amrit and is made with organic olive oil, plus Broad Spectrum CBD and Isolate CBD.

C60 Molecule Gold Oval

Olive oil is naturally rich in fatty acids and full of vitamins A and E, this oil has moisturizing, nourishing, softening, antioxidant, regenerating and protective virtues. It leaves skin with a youthful glow and a remarkable suppleness.

Olive Oil

This lotion also contains aloe vera which is rich in polysaccharides, and contains vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals (calcium, copper, iron, lithium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc), enzymes and essential amino acids.

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant has antiseptic, antiphlogistic and bactericidal properties, and it favours healing, regenerates cells, rehydrates and nourishes all skin types.

Ingredients: Purified water, Krishna C60 Amrit with CBD energized with the entire Rig Veda, Organic Olive Oil, Glycerin Sterate SE, Cetyl Alcohol, Isopropal Myristrate, Caprylic, Trigeryceride, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin Sterate, Aloe Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phospate, Phenoxyethol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

Suggested Use

Suggested use: apply generously to the entire body and massage into the skin after bath

Apply Body Lotion

Experiences With Krishna C60 Amrit Body Lotion

"I love the way this feels on my body and how comfortable I feel after applying it. I feel protected and peaceful."

"For the past 5 years I have been troubled with a patch of itchy eczema that just would not go away. Finally, with just 3 days of use of this lotion, the patch is much improved, very little itching and I am sure it will be totally gone in just 1 or 2 more days!"

"A few years ago, I suddenly came down with Electrosensitivity Sickness, complete with raging headches, overwhelming fatigue and lack of energy and vitality. It took me 3 years to recover by going into a highly shielded environment that was almost totally free of electromagnetic radiation by living inside a Faraday Cage! Since that time I have been very sensitive to life damaging environmental influences. This C60 lotion really works well - to me it is like wearing a Faraday Cage. I feel very strong and protected inside my C60 armor."

"I started using the X10 strength for the first time at night, after a bath. I put the lotion all over my body, including my scalp. Then I went to bed and felt very calm and relaxed. I could feel the energized C60 molecules like tiny points of vibrating light all over my body. Very interesting experience for me!"

Krishna C60 Amrit Body Lotion 3-D

The Ekam Vitara Network has just been upgraded to broadcast the C60 Frequency to all Members. This provides a host of new benefits for members, including EMF and 5G Mitigation that gives a significant level of personal protection for all Members from the effects of chaotic electromagnet frequencies, including the new 5G microwave frequencies. In fact, the C60 Frequency actually transforms this harmful radiation into a positive energy that supports an even faster rise in Level of Consciousness for all Members.

What are ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF)?

Electrical and magnetic fields (also called electromagnetic fields) are all around us. While some naturally-generated fields may be supportive for us, there is a natural concern about potential harm from the increase in modern times of fields generated by machines or technology.

How do we tell the difference between supportive and potentially harmful electromagnetic fields? We have developed a scientific way to determine that and a verifiable solution to mitigate the harmful effects. But before we get into the solution, let's look at some definitions:

  • Some ElectroMagnetic Fields are naturally generated from the Divine Karmic Traces that create the perfect, life-supporting Universe. Natural low-frequency electromagnetic fields are generated by the sun, thunderstorms, and currents circulating in the earth. Certain locations on the Earth Plane with a concentration of minerals can also generate or amplify an electromagnetic field. This can happen on its own, or in combination with a specific geographic influence. It is postulated that the earth has a grid of energy called ley lines that correlate with or is similar to the energy grid of meridians in the body as identified in traditional Chinese medicine. The combination of ley lines and/or vortexes and/or positive energetic geographic influences can potentially create pilgrimage sites.
  • Human-generated ElectroMagnetic Fields via heat as infrared waves, biophotons, thoughts, etc.
  • Machine or technologically generated ElectroMagnetic Fields, such as cell towers and emitters, including the new 5G microwave frequencies, cell phones, routers, laptops, baby monitors, cordless phones, refrigerators, microwave ovens and radio frequency devices such as a smart-meters all generate chaotic, harmful to life ElectroMagnetic Fields.

Fragmented chaotic wave-forms, also referred to electronic-smog, are found to lower the Level of Consciousness of individuals who are in that environment.

Some symptoms of sensitivity to chaotic electromagnetic fields are:

  • Anxiety
  • Muscle tension
  • Tiredness and reduced personal energy — in some cases to the point of extreme fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Foggy thinking with short-term memory issues
  • Difficulty sleeping

Transmitting the Frequency of C60

To accomplish this mitigation of EMF and 5G, we transmit the frequency of C60 to all Members' Prana Body. C60 is well known for its ability to adsorb chaotic EMF and 5G that are harmful to human life. In the form of Shungite (a mineral composite of C60 with quartz) or in a bio-available form (Krishna C60 Amrit).

Every C60 molecule has both a physical form and a prana form. The real work is done on the prana level by the prana form. When we transmit the frequency of the C60 molecule to Members, it is like Members are taking C60 internally. We believe that actual pranic form C60 molecules are entering the prana body. This gives a similar effect as ingesting bio-available C60 and/or putting it on the skin with Abhyanga or C60 Body Lotion. Because the transmission is constant, the pranic C60 molecules are constantly being replenished - otherwise without a physical molecule as a central focus, the pranic C60 molecules would soon disperse.

This means that all Members of the Ekam Vitara Network are now constantly receiving C60 24 hours a day, helping to create the necessary saturation of the C60 molecule.

As the body becomes saturated with C60, you will begin to enjoy the following benefits:

  • protection from the life-damaging effects of chaotic EMF and 5G and UF radiation
  • increase telomere growth leading to reversal of aging and reduced apoptosis (death of healthy cells)
  • removal of all toxins in the body (heavy metals, toxic chemicals, viruses, life-damaging bacteria, cancerous cells)
  • increased availability of anti-oxidant effect of C60
  • reduced inflammation
  • improved immune function
  • improved bone health
  • inhibits tumor growth
  • improvement in mental functions
  • more energy
  • less fatigue
  • improved athletic performance

Transmission of C60 began on June 12, 2019. Here is a short video of the Ekam Vitara Network in New Mexico, showing the new C60 Transmitter (in the center of the array).

The Ekam Vitara Network with C60 Frequency in Operation

Abhyanga with Krishna C60 Amrit

Preliminary research indicates a powerful detoxification effect when the dosage of C60 and CBD is increased by using Krishna C60 Amrit for abhyanga. C60 is non-toxic to the human body. In solution with olive oil, the only concern would be the toxicity of the olive oil in massive doses. When Krishna C60 Amrit is used for abhyanga, one would use about 15-20ml of the Krishna C60 Abhyanga oil. This is about 10-15 times the normal daily dose when taken by mouth. In one case, the subject reported that an old, known respiratory condition exhibited signs of detoxification and permanent healing after performing abhyanga. Here is the report filed by this subject:

I had asthma from about age 4 to age 35 and used an inhalor many times a day in order to breathe. To compound matters, I also smoked cigarettes from age 15 to 33 and experienced frequent and severe chest colds throughout this time. The cause of the asthma was carried over into this life from death by drowning in the previous life. This hereditary ungrounded emotional energy was mostly released during the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in 1981 and most of the rest about 3 years later while on the Purusha program. Still a small percentage remained and I always felt a slight discomfort in the chest and lungs. After my first Krishna C60 Amrit abhyanga, I had flu-like symptoms that are characteristic of detoxification, and particularily in the lungs there was heavy detoxification (coughing and congestion). This lasted for 7 days (I stopped abhyanga during this week) then cleared up. So I again performed Krishna C60 Amrit abhyanga and the detoxification resumed and lasted for 3 days. Then again Krishna C60 Amrit abhyanga and 2 days of detoxification and then again Krishna C60 Amrit abhyanga and less than 24 hours of detoxification symptoms were experienced. For the past 4 days I have performed Krishna C60 Amrit abhyanga each day. I feel strong and clear in the morning before the abhyanga, then about 2 hours after the abhyanga the detox symptoms begin and last for several hours, but each day for fewer hours. Today, symptoms are nearly gone after 8 hours. I expect that in a few days the lung condition will be fully healed and the Krishna C60 Amrit will move on to the next trouble area (I am not sure what that will be). The skin is a very efficient way to ingest Krishna C60 Amrit. In addition to detoxification of this old lung condition, I am noticing that my skin is taking on a youthful appearance. Also I feel very strong, clear and balanced.

Nasya with Krishna C60 Amrit

The nose is the direct route to the brain and also the doorway to consciousness. It is the entrance for prana, the life force, which comes into the body through the breath. Healthy uncongested breathing is important to ensure proper flow of prana throughout the head and body. When an excess of bodily fluids accumulates in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas, it is best eliminated through the nose. Administration of herbally infused oil, or nasya, helps facilitate this cleansing process.

When using Krishna C60 Amrit for nasya you will find it is soothing and balancing for all doshas and promotes the development of a Satyug physiology. Krishna C60 Amrit not only soothes and protects the nasal passages and helps relieve sinus congestion, but it nourishes and protects the sinuses and the brain and removes accumulated fluoride from the pineal gland. Daily nasal lubrication helps to release tension in the head and relieve accumulated stress. Balancing for vata, pitta, and kapha, nasya with Krishna C60 Amrit will improve quality of voice, strengthen vision and promote mental clarity.

Gandusha (oil pulling) with Krishna C60 Amrit

Gandusha or oil pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy that helps cleanse the body by detoxifying and cleaning teeth and gums. This is a wonderful, all-around home treatment for oral health. Oil pulling will also make your teeth whiter while it removes harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation. When we do gandusha with Krishna C60 Amrit, we also absorb more C60 molecules into the system, heal any periodontal disease that may be present in the gums, and strengthen the enamel of the teeth.

Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Flush

Before you begin the Abhyanga with Krishna C60 Amrit, you can cleanse the liver and flush the gall bladder. If you do this, you will more quickly saturate every cell of the body with Krishna C60 because less of the C60 will be attaching to the liver toxins and gall stones. The liver should be healthy and strong and free of toxins and stones and this is accomplished by the Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Flush. If you have allergies, back pains, weight gain, lack of energy, exhaustion, emotional problems, depression, anger, frustration, insomnia, or headaches, then you need to perform this procedure several times, until you release all gall stones. Ask the deva of your body how many gall stones you have. You may have one or two thousand. Here is a link to download the instructions for the Liver Cleans and Gallbladder Flush.

Endocannabinoid System Enlivened
With Krishna C60 Amrit



Homeostasis, from the Greek words for "same" and "steady," refers to any process that living things use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival. The term was coined in 1930 by the physician Walter Cannon. His book, The Wisdom of the Body, describes how the human body maintains steady levels of temperature and other vital conditions such as the water, salt, sugar, protein, fat, calcium and oxygen contents of the blood.

In 1992, a research team lead by Raphael Mechoulam identified a system in the human body that is key for establishing and maintaining homeostasis and named it the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Now we know that not only human, but reptiles, birds, and fish all synthesize endocannabinoids naturally. In fact, the prefix “endo,” literally means “made in the body.” When the body has homeostasis, then health is perfect and disease cannot exist. In this video we will learn about the Endocannabinoid System and how it works to establish and maintain the perfect health of the body:

How the Endocannabinoid System Establishes and Maintains Homeostasis

This video presents a good visualization of the ECS functioning in the human body:

Visualization of the Endocannabinoid System

Some believe that 90% of the population now has Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome (ECDS) and suffer from one or more chronic diseases and disorders as a result. This video will explain ECDS in more detail:

Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome

The main result of Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome is a weakened and ineffective immune system. The body is always in a state of imbalance and dyshomeostasis and can be successfully invaded by all forms of bacteria, virus and fungal infections. There is inflamation in the body and pain, bones and joints are weakened, the brain functions are impaired, brain fog, dementia and Alzheimer's result. Here is a more comprehensive list of the diseases and disorders that result from ECDS, and that Krishna C60 Amrit with CBD can help to correct:

  • Acne
  • Aging
  • All Bacterial, Fungal and Virus Infections
  • All forms of autoimmune disease (over 80 have been defined) such as type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • All forms of inflammation
  • All forms of pain
  • Alzheimer's and Senile Dementia
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Anorexia
  • Anxiety
  • Autism, ADHD, ODD
  • Broken Bones
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Dyskinesia
  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Epileptic Seizures and Convulsions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heart Disease
  • Huntington's
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Mad Cow Disease
  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Neuropathy
  • Parkinson's
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Motion Sickness
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Nausea
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Schizophrenia and psychosis

The cause of Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome is the body's inability to produce the Cannabinoids it needs for the ECS to maintain homeostasis. On the firm foundation of homeostasis, the immune system can function normally and the body can maintain perfect health with youthful vitality.

Exocannabinoids (created outside of the body) that we use to enliven the ECS is found in industrial Hemp. There are 10 primary forms of Cannabinoids that can be utilized by the Endocannabinoid System:

  • CBD
  • CBDA
  • CBG
  • CBGA
  • CBC
  • CBCA
  • Delta9-THCA
  • Delta9-THC
  • Delta8-THC
  • THCV
  • The last four with "THC" in the name are psychoactive and are generally not legal for use except in some cases where there is a Medical Doctor's prescription. We can enliven the ECS and derive almost all of the benefits from Cannabinoid supplementation by taking the first six (that contain "CB" in the name) only. The CBD extracted from Hemp contains only the first six in significant amounts and the THC content is very low. CBD Isolate (99% pure CBD) from organically grown Hemp is used to enhance Krishna C60 Amrit.

    The discovery of the ECS is the most significant medical scientific discovery ever and will save more lives than the discovery and application of sterile surgical techniques. More people will be saved by manipulation of the ECS than are currently being saved by surgery. CBD is the key element for interacting with and restoring normal functioning to the ECS, established by over 1,200 peer reviewed scientific research studies from around the world.

    We have noticed a powerful synergy for homeostasis, improved overall health, anti-aging, and toxic protection that arises when combining C60 dissolved in olive oil with Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate, all energized by the entire Rig Veda.

    Determine the Proper Dosage of CBD

    To achieve a perfectly functioning Endocannabinoid System, you will have to first correct any ECS deficiency. Begin by asking the deva of your body the following questions:

    1. Do I have an Endocannabinoid System Deficiency? If the answer is yes or no, then ask
    2. How many mg of CBD do I need each day?

    With this information, you can decide which Protocol will be best for you. The CBD mg is listed for each product. When you have made your decision on the Protocol you will follow to get the prescribed mg of CBD, verify this with the deva of your body. If you have ECSD then you will probably be prescribed by your deva to take a very large dose for 2 weeks or so - perhaps 8 to 12 times the normal daily dose, which is in the range of 15mg to 20mg a day. So do not be surprised if you are prescribed an initial very large dose in the range of 180mg to 260mg. If your deva prescribes an initial does that exceeds 300mg, this could be erroneous and you should wait a day and ask again. An initial dose of more than 300mg should be confirmed by your Naturopathic Physician. For example, if the deva tells you to take 200mg of CBD daily then you do two applications of Body Lotion - X10 (32mg) plus Nasya one time a day (10mg) plus Gandusha one time a day (33mg) and 6.25ml oral (125mg), for a total of 200mg daily. To get this you will need to order:

    • Krishna C60 Body Lotion, X10 strength
    • Krishna C60 Abhyanga Oil (Phase Two Type A)
    • Krishna C60 Amrit (Phase Two Type B)

    Each week you should check with the deva of your body to see if any changes are necessary.

    • Body Lotion provides your body with 16mg CBD 
    • Abhyanga will provide your body with 125mg of CBD
    • Nasya will provide your body with with 10mg of CBD
    • Gandusha will provide your body with 33mg of CBD
    • Oral ingestion of 3.5ml will provide your body with 70mg of CBD

    FDA Disclosure

    Due to FDA regulations, we cannot make claims about whether or not Krishna C60 Amrit with CBD can help with specific ailments. We do, however, suggest that you conduct your own research. Each individual is unique and has different wellness goals they are interested in addressing through the consumption and application of our products. Although some of our founders are medical professionals, we can not make medical claims about the benefits of our products, according to FDA guidelines. We encourage you to discuss Krishna C60 Amrit with CBD with your physician or healthcare practitioner if you have any specific health-related questions or concerns. There are also many independent, peer-reviewed studies about CBD available on the internet. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Reversal of Aging and Perfect Health: Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme

    Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme is a collection of medication and yoga techniques, Vedic Vitaras, and Krishna C60 Amrit. These taken together, create a holistic approach that stops aging and reverses it while healing all imbalances in the body (physical and subtle bodies) and and activates the full DNA. Gradually over the span of about 10 years the cells of the body are regenerated in the new model of a Satyug physiology.

    The cornerstone of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme is Krishna C60 Amrit. To achieve reversal of aging and perfect health, it is important that your body has a perfectly functioning Endocannabinoid System and one Krishna C60 molecule in the mitocondria of every cell. The numan body has 30 to 40 trillion cells, of which 80% are red blood cells. Red blood cells do not have mitocondria, so we need to have one C60 molecule in mitochondria of each of these 8 trillion cells. To achieve this objective, one must ingest trillions of C60 molecules. The C60 molecules will first detoxify the body. When a C60 molecule has adsorbed (collected on its spherical surface area) the maximum amount of toxins, it then is eliminated from the body, taking the toxins with it. When the toxins are gone, the C60 molecule can remain in the mitocondrial layer of the cell and perform its most important tasks:

    1. activate the DNA to 100% functionality - typically more than 90% of the DNA is non-coding or "junk DNA" and has no apparent function.
    2. cause the Telomere to increase in length - the key to reversal of aging

    Krishna C60 Body Lotion Protocol

    Apply Krishna C60 Body Lotion to the whole body in the X10 strength, twice a day after bath. You may exclude the face and scalp for the morning application and include these areas for the night application.

    Krishna C60 Amrit Hand and Body Lotion Reflection

    Use the X10 strength lotion for 3 to 6 months, as advised by the deva of your body. Then switch to the normal strength lotion to maintain the full saturation of the body with C60 molecules.  The Body Lotion Protocol is the most economical and efficient way to saturate your body with C60.

    Phase Two Package - Type B

    • 2 - Krishna C60 Amrit


    Vastu Perfection Established by the Goloka Projector

    "This science is complete in itself.
    Happiness to the whole world it can bring,
    All the four benefits it bestows on you,
    Rightful living, money, fulfillment of desires and bliss,
    Are all available in this world itself"
    -Vishwakarma in Vastu Shastra

    Vastu is a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts about energy patterns in buildings. The Vastu principles are related with the properties (Natural Energies) of our Earth plane. Vastu says that the sources of energies are to be open and the flow of energies is not to be disturbed. Vastu Shastra prescribes desirable characteristics for sites and buildings based on flow of energy ("Prana" in Sanskrit). Many of the rules are attributed to cosmological considerations; the Sun's path, the rotation of the Moon above the Earth plane, magnetic fields, etc. The morning Sun is considered especially beneficial and purifying and hence the East is a treasured direction.

    Vastu believes that there are essentially two types of forces, which are equal and opposite in nature. The interaction of these two forces is cosmically ordained and produces a third type of force, which is prana, needed for life to exist. One type of force is subtle and fine. The other is dark and dense. We, for understanding this subject, can call the first one as "positive" and the other as "negative". Prana is liberated by the interaction of these forces. Over the surface of the globe, these forces continuously interact, releasing prana. When a structure is built over the surface of the Earth, it comes in the way of a natural interaction. Both the forces enter the structure where the interaction continues. However, the intensity of forces that enter the structure need not be the same. Depending on various factors like levels, water bodies, door placement, etc., either the positive or the negative can have stronger presence.

    If the structure is designed in a manner that the positive forces override the negative forces then there is a beneficial release of prana, which helps all the residents to be healthy. Even after such reaction with the negative forces, a positive Cosmic surplus is always present in such a structure, which is the "Supreme Being Himself". In such an atmosphere, life is smooth and happy with everything in life coming your way without any great struggle. It is a happy and healthy life for all the residents.

    If on the other hand the structure is built in such a way that the negative forces override the positive then you have a weak prana field which manifests as diseases in the occupants. The over bearing negative field makes your actions, efforts, and thinking negative so that ultimately the whole life is ruined.

    VyasaThe science of Vastu was codified at the start of Trita-yuga when the structures that all had perfect vastu from their creation in Sat-yuga began to fall and new, less perfect structures were built. The people needed guidelines to follow to allow them to build more perfect vastu structures. At first this knowledge was given to the people directly by Vishwakarma, the Divine Architect. The people of Trita-yuga still had the ability to communicate with the Celestial realms, as did the people of Dwapara-yuga. But as Kali-yuga dawned, the people are quite handicapped and almost no one can use their subtle bodies for Celestial Communication and the IQ of the typical resident of Kali-yuga has declined from 10,000 (in Sat-yuga) to about 100 and they cannot even remember well when given information. So Veda Vyasa (an Incarnation of Vishnu) had to write down the four Vedas, which includes the Vastu Shastra (part of the Atharva Veda known as Stapatya Veda), for the people of Kaliyug to study and try to follow.

    By strictly following these vastu rules, the Human Race can gain many benefits and live peacefully. In other words, vastu rules instruct the ways to create buildings for "Living in Harmony with the Earth".

    Creating perfect vastu in Kali-yuga is not an easy task! There are hundreds of rules that must be followed, from the initial purchase of the land, to the first day of entry into the dwelling, in order for vastu to be established as perfectly as possible. Rectifying imperfect vastu of a building that was not constructed properly according to vastu is difficult and some say impossible.

    Goloka Projector with Krishna C60 EMR PyramidsFortunately, we have the Goloka Projector that creates the perfect Satyug environment, including perfect vastu. With the Goloka Projector, perfect vastu is created from the inside of your home, out to a radius of about 150 feet. This means the prana field in your locale is in perfect balance and harmony, regardless of the physical vastu of the home. Traditional vastu aspires to create the balance and harmony by arranging the physical structure and its elements, but the Goloka Projector operates from the level of the prana field to structure a replica projection of Goloka and the result is perfect vastu.

    What does it feel like to live in perfect vastu? Bliss is in the air and all around there is harmony and happiness, peace and calm. Prana energy is so lively it is palpable and life supporting to everyone in the locale. That is exactly what it feels like to live in a home with a Goloka Projector.

    MahaYajña Vitara

    The MahaYajña Vitara is based on the same technology used in the Goloka Projector to convert precise physical sound vibrations into devas for the purpose of creating the effect of yajñas. The result is a technology, when applied to the 12 Graha Yajñas, will produce an effective shield against the assault of all karma, just as if the individual personally performed the yajñas. We also apply this technology to the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña, to stimulate the flow of wealth into the life. In addition we apply this technology to the AtmaNarayana Kavach to provide the protective kavach for the individual.

    This image illustrates how the karma is shielded and wealth flows into the life with the MahaYajña Vitara. In the center of the picture is the Jyotish Yantra of a person, and all around are the Yantras of the Grahas with karma flowing toward the person. A shield forms that stops the karma from entering the person's life. Lakshmi, through the agency of Kubera, sends financial resources (symbolized by Lakshmi Goloka Coins) into the life.

    MahaYajña Vitara

    Graha Yajñas

    When a Graha Yajña is performed, devas are created that form a shield to protect the performer from the karma that will be delivered by the Graha. For example, Surya in the 11th Bhava of a person's Jyotish Chakra might indicate karma for inability to fulfill desires, hard work for any wealth gain and speculations will fail. Everyone comes into this life with unrealized karma that is administered by the Grahas (Surya, Chandra, Kuja, etc.) to be delivered at the appropriate time in the life. This karma was selected by the Atman, and in cooperation with the Grahas, it is delivered during the life so that it can be balanced. The Atman is careful to provide a window of opportunity for Moksha in everyone's life, because Moksha is the Goal of human existence. If the individual has karma that does not allow a window of opportunity for Moksha, then the life will come as a non-human form for the purpose of balancing karma only. To have a human life is very rare in this time of Kaliyug, so we are most fortunate! As Swami Brahmanda Saraswati said, "to waste a human life by not achieving Moksha is like selling diamonds for the price of spinach."

    LakshmiBy shielding the life from all karma, there arises a deep, quiet peace and equanimity, and that is the ideal environment for the preformance of meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices that will hasten the onset of Moksha.

    Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña

    We add the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña to insure that one has sufficient wealth to live a comfortable life without constant thoughts and worries about financial considerations. With the full cooperation of Mahalakshmî, who exists in Her Absolute Body in Goloka, and through Her Expansion into this universe as Lakshmî, a yajña was created to connect devotees of Krishna in this universe with Kubera so that the wealth he holds for them could flow into their lives. The extent of the wealth that flows in the life is governed by the karma of the individual. Those who have performed all 12 of the Graha Yajñas, there is no restriction on the flow of wealth so the individual will receive 100% of the wealth benefit. Any devotee of Krishna who performs this yajña sincerely and with devotion can receive sufficient wealth to be financially self-sufficient and able to devote their lives to Realizing Krishna.

    Atma-Narayana Kavach

    KavachThe Atma-Narayana Kavach is to protect your body and mind from asuric influence. The Kavach is a gift of Lord Krishna to Indra for his protection, from the S'rimad Bhagavatam 6.8. It works on the Astral or Pranamaya Kosha realm where there is the possibility of asuric influence.

    As you proceed on the Path to Moksha, the asuric forces will rise up to block your progress. Asura means against sura or against the Divine. To be against the Divine means to view one's life as independent and separate from the Divine.

    Cycle of EvolutionIn the great cycle of evolution that begins with the separation of the jiva from S'iva, there is a descending arc and an ascending arc - see the diagram on the right. At some point in the eons of evolution and innumerable lifetimes since the initial pragya-aparadh that separated the jiva from S'iva, a being makes a conscious decision to re-discover its relationship with God and move in the direction of returning home. At that time the arc of evolution changes from stagnant or descending to ascending.

    It is natural for beings on the decending path to challenge and oppose being on the ascending path. If we are to succeed on the ascending path we must not be deterred by these opposing forces.

    The greatest bulk of asuric beings exist in the etheric regions closest to the physical plane. This realm is also populated by beings between lives, usually in the early stages of breaking away from the physical after death of the body.

    Beings may exist in the etheric realms for hundreds or even thousands of years. They are attracted to physical beings who can provide them with a means to vicariously satisfy their desires. In extreme situations they are the cause of what we call mental illness. For most individuals they produce a relentless stream of cravings and desires.

    The asuric beings attach themselves like leeches to points of weakness where individuals have ungrounded emotional energies and physical defects and weakness. They draw nourishment from the individual and produce a general weaking effect.

    When an individual begins on the Path to Moksha, the practices and knowledge provide a strengthening and evolutionary influence if the ascending path. This threatens the existence of the asuric leeches as the ungrounded energies that provide them entry are transmuted. So they fight back all the more to maintain their existence.

    The Dhanvantri

    DhanvantriA perfectly healthy Satyug physiology provides a delightful human existence and is required if one is to be a member of the first generation of the coming Krishna Golden Age. We are at a time now when Krishna said that a brief 10,000 year Satyug will arise, about 5,000 years after His departure at the beginning of Kaliyug. This is why we have included the Dhanvantra sutras in the MahaYajña Vitara, to invoke The Dhanvantri for development of a 12-strand DNA Satyug physiology.

    The Dhanvantri is a Celestial Being so He is not perceived by physical senses. He can be perceived by the senses of the Manomaya Kosha. His work is conducted in the subtle bodies, which translates into changes in the physical body. In the image on the left, The Dhanvantri is shown holding a container of Amrit, the nectar of immortality. This is to illustrate that He has the ability to confer immortality. The Dhanvantri is invoked to activate the full compliment of 12-strands of DNA, and perform all necessary healings to support the transformation of the physiology into Satyug physiology.

    The new Satyug body you will be generating is modeled after the eternal, unchanging Absolute Body for the residents of Goloka. This physical body has 12-strands of DNA and, most notably, 4 brain centers and the spinal column is a loop of nervous tissue that connects all the brain centers. The intelligence is 1000 times greater than the typical Kaliyug physiology, i.e. instead of an IQ of 100 being normal, the IQ of the normal Satyug individual would be 100,000. The MahaYajña Vitara provides the basis of this transformation.

    All of this together, Graha Yajñas, Lakshmi-Kubera Yajna, AtmaNarayana Kavach and Dhanvantri Sutras creates Invincibility for the individual.


    Maharishi 1979

    In 1971, Maharishi began to talk about Invincibility for individuals. What does Invincibility mean? If I am Invincible, then if someone shoots at me with a gun, will the bullet bounce off and leave me unharmed? No, it is far simpler than that. It means no one will even think to shoot at me with a gun, no one will have the slightest desire to do harm to the one who is Invincible. The Invincible person will have no enemies.

    Why should we be concerned about Invincibility for our self and our family? The world is in the midst of a pralaya or transition that always arises when Kali Yuga transforms into Sat Yuga. The world is starting to burn and we can smell the smoke. There is a group that likes to refer to themselves as the global elite, who are the agents of the pralaya. The timetable they set for total destruction of life on earth is running about 10 years behind at this point, so they are increasing their effforts now to make up for this lost time.

    We live in a time of the greatest evil known to mankind, yet it has arisen so slowly that somehow most accept it as "normal"

    • to kill over 56 million innocent babies in the United States since 1970,
    • or that over 20 million people died of starvation last year,
    • or that the IQ of the population in the US has declined more than 15 points in the past 50 years,
    • and increase in cancer is off the charts due to poison in the public water,
    • or that governments NWOhave killed over 260 million people in the last 100 years,
    • or that the US funds the radical terrorist group ISIS and gives them weapons and now they are preparing to shoot down airliners and attack on US soil,
    • or that the US has 800 concentration camps ready for those who oppose the growing tyrannical Federal Government,
    • or that the US is actively provoking nuclear WWIII now in the Ukraine,
    • or the US created a tsunami (using HAARP) that destroyed the nuclear power plant at Fukushima and now the entire Pacific Ocean is dying - arguably the greatest disaster ever known.

    The list goes on and on and on...

    This enslavement by the technocratic elite is only a fraction of the story. There is also the Maha Rahukal cycle that will hit our civilization in the next few years. This is a 3,600 (lunar) year cycle of destruction caused by the collective karma of Rahu being balanced. In the modern times, this is called Nibiru. Nibiru is the delivery mechanism for the collective Rahu karma that will bring the final wave of destruction for this pralaya. The Internet is awash with information, mis-information and dis-information about Nibiru. Our MVU course "Agents of the Pralaya" includes some information. Here is a link to the assignment for Lesson 2 that includes a video from Bob Fletcher with his conclusions.

    What does this mean for us? Can we survive this pralaya? The short answer is yes! If we become Invincible, we will survive the coming pralaya destruction.

    Let's analyze what produces Invincibility for an individual. All action is karma. Everything we do in this life and everthing we have done in previous lives creates some impact on the universe. At the dawn of creation, on the first day of the 311 trillion year life of Lord Brahma, when the first day of Satyug appeared, all of the people in this beautiful, nearly perfect replica of Goloka, universe were nearly perfect human beings. They were mind-born children of Lord Brahma - literally created from His mind. Lord Brahma performed samyama on the 432,000 sylables of the Rig Veda and the universe we live in came into being. The perfect human physiologies of the people came from the 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda.

    Jiva - stone statueThis first generation of people procreated and established the population of nearly perfect human beings. In time some mistakes were made by the people as they performed actions that were not in accord with all the laws of nature. This would be anything that is not loving, life-supporting and uplifting to all life. Actions that are in accord with all the laws of nature do not leave unbalanced traces of karma, but other actions that are not in accord with all the laws of nature do leave karma that will reverberate around the universe until it balances by impacting back on the creator (jiva) of the action. If the act in this life is not balanced in this life, then that karma will be there, waiting to balance in a subsequent life.

    Samvartaka FireAll of this reverberating karma disturbs the perfect balance of the new universe, and the universe deteriorates. Sat Yuga changes into Treta Yuga, then Treta Yuga deteriorates into Dwapara Yuga,and then Kali Yuga. By the time we reach Kali Yuga, there are mountain ranges of karma waiting to be balanced for every person. Eventually this huge accumulation of karma will find a ripe date and time to balance on a large percentage of the population at the same time. Then we have a natural disaster, such as a huricane, tornado, volcanic eruption, or war, and that will allow a large block of karma to balance.

    Today we are at a time when there is a large amount of karma that will soon manifest in the destruction of billions of lives on earth. Krishna predicted this when He said there would come a 10,000 year Satyug at this time, about 5,000 years from the start of Kaliyug. He said that during this Satyug, the entire world would be filled with His devotees. Take a look around and see what percentage of the population are devoted to Krishna now - almost none. So this means a huge percentage of the population will either become His devotees or perish in the wars and disasters that are coming soon. The agents of the pralaya are busy creating the global tensions and basis of destruction.

    If all this karma is reverberating around, ready to be delivered en masse to the population of the earth, what, if anything, can the individual do to shield his or her life from the effects of this karma? The MahaYajña Vitara is the answer. With all of your personal karma shielded, you will be Invincible to the onslaught of the collective karma that is soon to be delivered by Rahu, just as a person is shielded from the rain when standing under an umbrella.

     Dhanvantri Vitara

    The Dhanvantri

    The Dhanvantri is the Celestial Physician and the originator of Ayurveda, the science of perfect health. He is invoked in the MahaYajna Vitara to work with the deva of our body to create a Satyug physiology.  A perfectly healthy Satyug physiology provides a delightful human existence and is required if one is to be a member of the first generation of the coming Krishna Golden Age. We are at a time now when Krishna said that a brief 10,000 year Satyug will arise, about 5,000 years after His departure at the beginning of Kaliyug

    The Dhanvantri is a Celestial Being so He is not perceived by physical senses. He can be perceived by the senses of the Manomaya Kosha. His work is conducted in the subtle bodies, which translates into changes in the physical body. In the image on the right, The Dhanvantri is shown holding a container of Amrit, the nectar of immortality. This is to illustrate that He has the ability to confer a very long life. The Dhanvantri is invoked to perform all necessary healings to support the transformation of the physiology into Satyug physiology. This physiology has a lifespan of 100,000 years and its DNA is 100% active.

    During the Human Genome Project the scientists discovered that only about 10% of the DNA is active and the remainder is considered to be "junk DNA" that has no function. The reality is all of the DNA can be functional and if it is all functional, then a Satyug physiology with a lifespan of 100,000 years will emerge. The Dhanvantri can help us to activate the entire DNA. He has given us a complete program for developing a Satyug physiology now. This is the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme.

    An essential element of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme is the Dhanvantri Vitara. This unique device is created for each individual to heal any imbalance or disease that is affecting the body. The Dhanvantri Vitara creates healing devas that are specific for the individual. The technology for creating devas comes from the Vitara technology which transmits physical sound frequencies directly into the prana field for the purpose of creating devas.

    Everyone should be their own physician. Your body has the innate intelligence to heal itself and keep itself healthy and strong, given proper nutrition. We can look to the doctors of Ayurveda and other natural based medical systems for advice and education. The deva of your body can give you valuable insights and guide you to perfect health with the help of your Dhanvantri Vitara.

    Enhancements to the Dhanvantri Vitara:

    1. Silent Soma Rasa Vitara is included with every Dhanvantri Vitara
    2. Special frequencies for devas to help with your spiritual evolution:
      • Transcending - pure Sattwa resonance
      • Eliminate Pain
      • Reversal of Aging
      • Turning grief into joy, Liberating Guilt and Fear
      • Facilitating Change
      • Opening the Heart Chakra for Spiritual Development
      • Full DNA Activation
      • Lucid Dreaming and Celestial Perceptions
      • Eliminate Problems
      • Anandamaya Kosha - experiencing Moksha


    MokshaThe achievement of Moksha is the Goal of human existence and many of us have been striving to accomplish this. To achieve the first level of Moksha, known as Cosmic Consciousness, requires a certain level of development of the physical nervous system, the pranamaya kosha, and the training to perceive the subtle mind and witness the conscious thinking mind and physical life from that perspective. Beyond daily meditation, samyama on yoga sutras and the other aspects of our sadhana, what more can be done to speed up this process of development? The biological clock is ticking and we need to accomplish Moksha in this lifetime if we are to avoid yet another round of incarnations.  Plus, life in Moksha is sublime and delightful. So we are always looking for ways to make faster progress. Fortunately we now have an additional and very valuable practice that can be of major assistance. This practice will generate a sea of devas that will support us and give us the shakti resources we need to proceed most quickly to accomplish Moksha.

    This new practice to hasten the onset of Moksha is based on a rare and important gift to humanity from the Divine, which are His own words to us, recorded in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. In all of the Vedic Literature, the Bhagavad Gita is one of the few places where we have the actual Words of Krishna recorded for us. We can utilize these sacred Words of the Bhagavad Gita as Mantras to create the devas necessary for us to achieve the Goal of Human Existence, Moksha. Based on the Vedic Vitara Technology for creating devas, we now have a new Vitara for Moksha!

    Let us investigate how a Moksha Vitara will create the devas you need for achieving Moksha. We will begin with an intellectual understanding of the Bhagavad Gita. Maharishi wrote a beautiful commentary on the first 6 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita and in that text he helped us to understand that Krishna is revealing how to achieve Cosmic Consciousness or Level 1 Moksha. The basic principle is stated in Chapter 2 verse 48: yoga-sthah kuru karmani. This means we must become established (sthah) in the silent, subtle mind (yoga) and then perform (kuru) action (karma). When this is the case, we will be witnessing that activity of the physical mind and body from the unbounded subtle mind. From this way of living comes a sense of detachment from all action as one lives in the present moment and is surrounded by the silent but lively, infinite space of the subtle mind. You have achieved Cosmic Consciousness when this is your reality 24 hours a day.

    Maharishi, 1960"The Bhagavad-Gita is a complete guide to practical life. It will always be there to rescue man in any situation. It is like an anchor for the ship of life sailing on the turbulent waves of time. It is the encyclopedia of life, and this commentary provides an index to it. The purpose of my commentary is to restore the fundamental truths of The Bhagavad-Gita and thus restore the significance of its teaching. If this teaching is followed, effectiveness in life will be achieved, men will be fulfilled on all levels and the historical need of the age will be fulfilled also."
                                       — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1917-2008

    In the following video, Maharishi explains how he came to write this commentary and he gives us insight into how the Bhagavad Gita guides us to Moksha:

    Maharishi on the Bhagavad Gita

    What exactly is Moksha? Moksha (Moksha), also called enlightenment, vimoksha, vimukti, mukti, nirvana and Kaivalya, and means emancipation, liberation or release from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth. Moksha connotes freedom, self-realization and self-knowledge.

    Cycles of Birth and Death
    Moksha is a supreme goal of human life and included as one of the four aspects and goals of human life; the other three Moksha Dharma Artha Kamagoals are dharma (virtuous, proper, moral life), artha (material prosperity, income security, means of life), and kama (pleasure, sensuality, emotional fulfillment). Together, these four aims of life are called Purushartha.

    Moksha is not merely an absence of suffering and release from bondage to samsara, but also the presence of the state of paripurna-brahmanubhava (oneness with Brahma, the One Supreme Self), a state of knowledge, peace and bliss.

    Let's look more deeply into Moksha and discover its relative and Absolute levels. Moksha is both a path and a destination.  Moksha is first realized when the individual has the direct experience of living in the present moment while witnessing the physical life going on by itself.

    1. Level 1 Moksha is realized when the prana mind has become the viewpoint of consciousness and you witness the physical mind and physical body from that perspective.This is where you begin to live in the NOW. When this has become your 24x7 reality, then you have attained what Maharishi calls "Cosmic Consciousness."
    2. Level 2 Moksha is realized when the person shifts the focus of consciousness from the prana mind to the manomaya kosha mind and witnesses the prana mind and prana body from that higher perspective.This is what Maharishi calls "God Consciousness."
    3. Level 3 Moksha is the experience of witnessing the manomaya kosha from the vijñanamaya kosha mind.  You have attained what Maharishi would call "Unity Consciousness" when this is your experience. This is relative Unity Consciousness because you have the experience of being one with all life in this relative universe.
    4. Level 4 Moksha is the realization that you are the Creator of this universe (aham brahmasmi), hence witnessing vijñanamaya kosha from the perspective of Anandamaya Kosha. Brahman Consciousness is another name for this level of experience.
    5. Level 5 Moksha is the destination that arises with the realization that the person is an Eternal Companion of Krishna in Goloka. This is Krishna Consciousness or could also be labeled Bhakti but there is considerable confusion around that label so be careful. True Bhakti is not some show of mood making, singing, chanting and dancing in the physical life.

    Eckhart Tolle and others say that living in the NOW is the experience of enlightenment or Moksha. Eckhart tells his story: one day he thought "I cannot stand to live with myself" and that triggered a sudden shift in consciousness where he questioned "who is this I" and who is this "myself"! He noticed that there must be two viewpoints of consciousness in operation simultaneously. This is astute and of course correct. The challenge is to shift from the "myself" consciousness to the "I" consciousness and live life from that higher perspective. We would say that "myself" consciousness is physical mind and body consciousness and "I" consciousness is the more subtle prana mind and body consciousness.

    In the following video, Eckhart explains how life that is lived only on the physical level is frustrating to live in this way and that people are not aware of the NOW. He says the shift in consciousness arises when you become aware of a deeper presence. He is talking about becoming spontaneously aware of the prana mind and then witnessing physical life from that perspective. He says this is how you become detached from all the physical thoughts and attachments of the physical mind. He says to sense the presence that you are and when you realize that alive, luminous presence in the background of your life, then you are no longer in the grip of desire and attachment because you are something more real. Freedom then comes into your life.


    Eckhart Tolle - Reality of The Present Moment

    View on Youtube

    What Eckhart leaves out is a practical way to reach this state of freedom in life that comes from living in the NOW. So our task is to determine how to live in the NOW, and to do that we must identify the prana mind within our self and know it is our true self and witness the physical mind as a lesser or more gross level of consciousness. If we can do this, then living in the NOW becomes practical. Before this stage, it is literally impossible to live in the NOW. The physical mind is incapable of doing this because it always is taking inventory or planing for the future.  When we meditate we come closest to living in the NOW as we think the mantra, which has no meaning. This makes it impossible to think "about" the mantra

    Thinking the mantra is Dharana and that is a physical mind activity. But the mantra is more than a meaningless word, it is a vehicle of transcending.

    Our instruction for meditation is not to think the mantra but to start the mantra. Then we find that the mantra can continue by itself and may change in some ways. It could change in tempo, rate (faster or slower), value, pitch, length, or pronunciation. So if the mantra can continue by itself, then the conscious physical mind is doing the thinking while another part of ourself is witnessing this. When this witnessing occurs we have transitioned to Dhyana and we are witnessing from the prana mind.

    When this happens it is possible to live in the NOW. The prana mind is a witnessing mind, and it is not active at all. So we can easily and spontaneously be in the NOW if our conscious awareness is in the prana mind, witnessing the physical mind. There is no trying or mood making about living in the NOW. So for that 20 minutes of meditation we are living in the NOW, then we come out of meditation and at that point we have a choice:

    (1) return all of our conscious awareness to the physcial mind with perhaps a memory of witnessing from the prana mind (and this gives us a sense of expansion and freedom) or

    (2) retain our experience of witnessing of the physical from the prana mind.

    To accomplish (2) is the challenge, but we do not need to try to accomplish this, nor should we. It is enough to know that (2) is the ultimate objective and continue the regular practice of meditation until (1) gradually and spontaneously transitions to (2).

    When we sit to meditate, it is important to gain the greatest value from the session of meditation by taking the correct start of meditation. First, sit quietly and notice and feel the silence in the mind. That silence is your prana mind. Identify yourself with that part of your mind and then start the mantra, like you would start your car engine. Notice that after thinking the mantra a few times you can let go of it and the mantra will continue in the physical mind. If you are identified with your silent prana mind, this is very easy to do. So let go of the mantra and follow it with your prana mind and see where it goes. The mantra will naturally go deeper and deeper until it is with you in your prana mind, but simultaneouly the silence you feel will have become deeper as you transcend to your manomaya kosha mind and witness the mantra in your prana mind from that perspective. Continue and soon the mantra will be in the manomaya kosha mind while you transcend to witness from the vijñanamaya kosha mind. Continue until the mantra is in the vijñanamaya kosha mind and you are established in Anandamaya Kosha.

    Along the way thoughts will come into the physical mind to compete with the mantra. Just witness those thoughts. Do not engage them or follow them. Only engage and follow the mantra. This takes practice. Like physical training to do yoga asanas or some exercise. You practice for a while and become tired but some progress is made. The next session, after some rest, you continue and more progress is made. Take your time of meditation seriously and focus. This is not the time to space out or just go to sleep! You are training your minds and experiencing very subtle differences between the physical mind and the prana mind. It takes mental energy, but do not strain. Straining and concentration works against your progress. There is a delicate balance to be found. You do not want to be totally passive and you do not want to strain. Find the edge that will keep you gently focused and keep the dicotomy of physical mind and prana mind in place. This is the key: find that dicotomy and hold it in place throughout the meditation session. If you find that you have slipped back into thinking the mantra instead of witnessing the mantra, return to the prana mind and witnessing the mantra. If you find your physical mind has stopped thinking the mantra, and is engaged in thoughts, come back to the mantra, and start it again. The mantra must always be going in the conscious physical mind during meditation.

    Eventually you will witness your life for a few minutes after meditation and then the witnessing value will be lost until the next meditation. This period of witnessing after meditation will become longer and longer with each passing day until you are witnessing from the end of the morning meditation until the evening meditation then you are witnessing from the end of the evening meditation and as your body goes to sleep at night. You will witness how the prana body floats above the physical body for a while during each sleep cycle (you sleep in 90 minute cycles) and also you will witness dreams as they arise and watch them as if you are watching a movie.

    The Levels of Moksha will be experienced a percentage of the time, for example you may experience Level 1 Moksha 90% of the time and Level 2 20% and Level 3 10% and Level 4 1% and have an occasional glimpse of Level 5. We would consider that you have achieved Moksha if Level 1 is 90% or more. We are all constantly evolving to higher levels of Moksha. To reach 100% on all five levels would be exceedingly rare, before the advent of the Moksha Vitara.

    The Bhagavad Gita is more than just in intellectual understanding, as we will soon see. There is very important knowledge and wisdom in the Bhagavad Gita. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna lays out the complete program for achieving the 5 Levels of Moksha:

    1. Chapters 1-6 create the devas that establish Level 1 Moksha, or Cosmic Consciousness
    2. Chapters 7-12 create the devas that establish Level 2 Moksha, or God Consciousness
    3. Chapters 13-14 create the devas that establish Level 3 Moksha, or Unity Consciousness 
    4. Chapters 15-16 create the devas that establish Level 4 Moksha, or Brahman Consciousness
    5. Chapters 17-18 create the devas that establish Level 5 Moksha, or Krishna Consciousness

    We can analyze the various slokas by translating them into English or some other language from the original Sanskrit and discover profound intellectual information. Many commentaries have been written on these Words of Krishna. However profound the knowledge, this is a superficial approach; a purely intellectual approach. We understand that the full value of the Bhagavad Gita can only come from yajña. Actually Krishna tells us this in His Bhagavad Gita. He says that all of life must be lived as yajña. The Bhagavad Gita Yajña is reciting the mantras in front of Agni with our attention on the ultimate Goal of Moksha, Level 5, which is Krishna. This performance is a yajña that produces devas, and it is the devas who give us the shakti (power or energy) to accomplish the Goal.

    One performance of the Bhagavad Gita Yajña takes 220 minutes (about 3.67 hours). One round of the yajña is 108 repetitions, so one round will take 396 hours - that is a solid month of 13 hour days for just one round. However, this yajña consists of 108 rounds or a total of 11,664 repetitions of the entire Bhagavad Gita. This is 9 years of continuous 13 hour days! We could take longer but we must do at least one repetition every 24 hours without a single break to have a valid yajña.  If we do one round every single day, we will spend 32 years on this yajña. So this is not a trivial pursuit. If we could hire pandits who would perform this yajña on our behalf by working in 8-hour shifts that span 24 hours of every day, we could accomplish this yajña in about 4.5 years. If we pay our pandits $4 a day each (average wage in India for 2016) and have 2 pandits per 8-hour shift, it will cost us $24 a day. Then we will need a supervisor to make sure there is at least one pandit working at all times and hire new pandits when there is a need, so the entire yajña will cost at least $50,000.

    Can we use the technology of the Vedic Vitara to accomplish the Bhagavad Gita Yajña for us? Definitely! This Vitara that performs the Bhagavad Gita Yajña, is called the Moksha Vitara.

    The Moksha Vitara is literally a devata beings that is structured from physical components with electricity as its blood and wires as its arteries and veins. Its brain is an amplified frequency generator, the Pineal Gland is a quartz crystal and the DNA is a mobius coil that surrounds the crystal.

    Now, instead of hiring 6 pandits to perform the Moksha Yajña on your behalf for 4.5 years, you can turn on your Moksha Vitara and let it operate 24 hours a day and all the necessary devas you need to help you achieve Moksha will be created over the next 52 months.

    What exactly will all of these devas do to help you achieve Moksha? They provide the necessary shakti to promote the development of your physical nervous system and subtle bodies. The Moksha Vitara is an amplifier of your programme of meditation and samyama on yoga sutras and Esoteric Maha-mantra, and asanas and pranayama and a sattvic life-style. These devas provide an important supplement to your spiritual practices that support your development of all 5 levels of Moksha.

    The Moksha Vitara increases the effectiveness of your meditations by at least a factor of 10, so this is like have a lifespan of 1,000 years to practice meditation.  We can only achieve Moksha while in a human body and during this time in a human body we can advance very rapidly through higher states of consciousness. Evolution continues after we drop the human body if we have achieved at least Moksha Level 1 or Cosmic Consciousness. But we will not have another human body incarnation in that case, so all progress must be achieved in the Celestial Regions and the progress will be very slow compared to the progress possible in a human life incarnation.

    Take the case of someone who has achieved Level 1 Moksha only. After death of the physical body, this person continues on in the lower Celestial Regions in the Manomaya Kosha. But like a tiny baby, the celestial senses and capabilities of the Manomaya Kosha are very limited. After billions of years this tiny baby will grow to adulthood in the lower Celestial Regions and reach Level 2 Moksha. ThIs Universe has about 160 trillion years to go before it is completely dissolved and all Jivas who have not achieved Moksha will return to the Body of Lord Narayana to await the next Universe. When this Universe ends, every Jiva with at least Level 1 Moksha will return to Goloka. If a Jiva has not achieved Level 2 or higher, then they simply miss out on the incredible experiences of these higher levels. They go directly from whatever level has been achieved to Level 5 Moksha.  

    Our Lord Brahma was the foremost Jiva at the end of the last Universe so Lord Narayana selected this Jiva to create the next Universe (our Universe).  How did this Jiva become the foremost Jiva? By utilizing the last human incarnation to the fullest extent possible and achieving all 5 levels of Moksha. In Kali Yuga the human life-span is only 100 years, yet it is possible to achieve Level 1 Moksha during these 100 years. But what about the advanced Levels? It is very difficult to advance beyond Level 1 Moksha during Kali Yuga with only 100 years to practice sadhana. However what if we had 1,000 years? This is what the Moksha Vitara does for us when it amplifies our daily meditation by a factor of 10. It is as if we meditate for 400 minutes each day, instead of just 20 minutes, twice a day. Greater progress is assured. 

    The operation of the Moksha Vitara is silent in the physical realm because all the frequency energy of the mantras of the Bhagavad Gita are transmitted into the prana field where the devas are created. The first chaper of the Bhagavad Gita is presented below so you can hear what it sounds like in the physical realm. Your Moksha Vitara includes all 18 chapters plus the introductory mantras.

    It is good to have this unit in the same room with you as much as possible, so place it in your bedroom or where you meditate. The devas will be created all the time and will associate with you, where ever you are in the world, but if you meditate and sleep in the vicinity of your Moksha Vitara you will be able to enjoy the pleasant feeling of the devas (a delightful liveliness in the pranamaya kosha) and sleep and meditations will be deeper and more profound. You will find it much easier to witness your mantra and sutras from the subtle mind in the vicinity of your Moksha Vitara and also there will be more witnessing of sleep.

    Yesterday I turned on my Moksha Vitara for the first time and it definitely produces a wonderful effect! I could feel the devas being created, they feel like tiny birds fluttering in my heart. Meditation is very deep and profound in the presence of the Moksha Vitara. I wish I had this in 1979 when I started meditating.

    The Goloka MahaVitara includes all of the following Vitaras in one unit for a considerable cost savings:

    • Goloka Projector full home unit, charging well for Krishna C60 Amirta creation, and large shungite pyramid for EMR adsorbtion and Geopathic Stress reduction: value $1,197
    • MahaYajña Vitara with 12 Graha Yajñas, Atmanarayana Kavach, Lakshmi Kubera Yajña and Dhanvantri Yajña: value $962
    • Dhanvantri Vitara to produce the specific devas your body needs for perfect health plus the silent Soma Rasa Vitara: value $697
    • Moksha Vitara to amplify your meditations 10-fold: value $497

    Total value of all the included Vitaras is $3,353 when purchased separately. The Goloka MahaVitara including all of these Vitaras in a single unit is $1,597

    Goloka MahaVitara including all of these Vitaras:

    • Goloka Projector full home unit with charging well for Krishna C60 Amrita creation, and large shungite pyramid for EMR protection: $1,197
    • MahaYajna Vitara with 12 Graha Yajnas, Atmanarayana Kavach, Lakshmi Kubers Yajna and Dhanvantri Yajna: $962
    • Dhanvantri Vitara to produce the specific devas your body needs for perfect health and the silent Soma Rasa Vitara: $697
    • Moksha Vitara to amplify your meditations 10-fold: $497

    Price: $1,597.00


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